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Current restrictions

All information about Corona.

Mandatory mouth and nose protection

Since Tuesday, 14 April 2020, all public transport has been subject to mouth and nose protection.

We ask our passengers to take mouth-nose protection on their own responsibility and to wear it on our trains and buses as well as at the train station areas. Alternatively, a scarf or other mouth-nose covers can also be used. Please just keep in mind: mouth and nose must be fully covered!

Sujet Mund- und Nasenschutz

Current restrictions

In view of the current situation, passenger services are presently experiencing significant reductions. For example, international train services to many countries have been suspended. In Austria, adjustments have been made to the long-distance and local timetables. You can obtain further information about this from our route information service. The timetable changes have been incorporated into the ÖBB timetable and are available in the timetable information service SCOTTY and from ÖBB Customer Services on 05-1717.

Please make sure to find out about your preferred connection in advance.

Overview of the changes


Many workers currently rely on a functioning public transport system. ÖBB and its employees are therefore still at work to ensure you reach your destination reliably and safely every day. As of Monday 11 May, Austria-wide local and regional transport is almost in regular operation. Long-distance traffic followed on 18 May.

Mutual ticket acceptance by ÖBB and WESTbahn

Starting on 20 April 2020, tickets of ÖBB and WESTbahn will be mutually accepted on the western route between Vienna and Salzburg. You can find detailed information in our FAQ.

Bus services in Austria

  • Postbus
    For detailed information, please refer to the respective websites of the transport associations, which can be found by clicking here.
  • Vienna Airport Lines
    Lines VAL 2 and VAL 3 are suspended until further notice. Line VAL 1 will operate hourly between Westbahnhof via Vienna main station to Vienna Airport between 04.30 hrs and 00.30 hrs.

Ticket sales

ÖBB ticket counters remain open at the main hubs of the railway network. Tickets can also be purchased from the 1,100 ticket machines.

Please purchase your ticket digitally in the ÖBB app or at This way you reduce your stay at the station before the start of your journey and enable our train attendants to contactlessly check your ticket.

The following ticket counters remain open

Ticket counters, Lounges and Kundenservice.direkt
Station Counter Lounge Kundenservice.direkt
Bregenz opened    
Dornbirn opened    
Feldkirch opened    
Graz Hbf opened opens 15 May opened
Innsbruck Hbf opend   opened
Linz Hbf opened opens 15 May opened
Salzburg Hbf opened opens 15 May opened
St. Pölten Hbf opened    
Villach Hbf opened   opened
Wien Floridsdorf opened    
Wien Hauptbahnhof opened opens 15 May  
Wien Meidling opened opens 15 May  
Wien Westbf opened    
Wiener Neustadt opened    
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Restrictions in neighbouring countries

Suspension of Nightjet services

In view of the current situation, we are having to heavily reduce the number of night train services we offer. Until 25 June 2020, only the following Nightjets and EuroNight trains will operate on the routes shown:

  • NJ 446/447 Vienna-Bregenz
  • NJ 233/235 Vienna-Villach
  • NJ 464/465 Graz-Feldkirch
  • EN 40414/40465 Villach-Feldkirch
  • EN 462/463 Budapest-Munich
  • EN 498/499 Villach-Munich

The resumption of the currently discontinued night trains is planned from 26 June 2020 (subject to official requirements at home and abroad). Tickets are now available on, in the ÖBB app and at the ticket counter of the ÖBB. For more information, please visit or contact ÖBB customer service at 05-1717.

Private compartment

To offer passengers the greatest possible privacy, all compartments on the ÖBB Nightjets can be booked as private compartments until 30 september 2020. You can find full details about private compartments on the website or by calling ÖBB customer service on 05-1717.

Corona timetable FAQ

In order to maintain train services between Vienna and Salzburg, the Federal Ministry of Climate Action is ordering train services from us and WESTbahn starting on Monday 20 April 2020.

We have compiled the most important questions for you here:


The measures apply until further notice and will be updated as necessary.


ÖBB grants extensive goodwill arrangements beyond the regular reimbursement conditions for tickets bought until 15 march 2020:

  • National ÖBB tickets: Tickets valid until 1 June 2020 can be exchanged for ÖBB vouchers.
  • International ÖBB tickets: Tickets valid until 1 June 2020 are reimbursed free of charge.

ÖBB is monitoring and analysing the development of the situation. If necessary, the goodwill arrangements will be adjusted.
Please contact ÖBB Customer Service by phone or e-mail.