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Latest Coronavirus News

Updates - Current border situation - International train traffic

Current restrictions

ÖBB and its employees are still in action to ensure that you get to your destination reliably and safely every day. Despite the current Corona-situation, our timetable for short- and long-distance transport is unaffected.

Overview of the changes


There are currently no restrictions on our timetable for short- and long-distance travel.

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International daily services


Before starting your journey, please contact the authorities of the relevant countries to find out about any entry requirements or hygiene measures (compulsory masks). The current entry requirements for Austria can be found on the website of BMK, where they are updated every day..

Nightjet and EuroNight services


For maximum privacy, compartments in the three comfort categories can also be booked as separate (private) compartments. This enables you to travel in a compartment with just your family or friends, without having to share it with other passengers.

You can find full details about private compartments on the website or by calling ÖBB customer service on 05-1717.


Download the current rules of conduct.

Travel safely!


It is currently compulsory for all passengers to wear a legally required mouth and nose covering on all public transport services and in enclosed areas of train stations in Vienna. 

Safe trains that meet hygiene standards

The measures we have taken create a safe and hygienic environment for our passengers and employees. In recognition of this, ÖBB has received a risk management certificate with a focus on hygiene from TÜV AUSTRIA.

We have dramatically enhanced our cleaning protocols and increased their frequency since the start of the pandemic. The Railjet and Nightjet services are equipped with sanitiser dispensers. The ventilation system on our trains also ensures that travel is safe by providing a good supply of fresh air and replacing the air frequently. The air is replaced 11 times an hour on the ÖBB Railjet service. Recent studies have shown that travelling by train does not expose you to an increased risk of contracting Covid-19.

Questions and answers

Compulsory mouth and nose coverings - FAQs about our conditions for travel

We have compiled a list of the most important questions about mouth and nose coverings:


These measures apply indefinitely and will be adjusted if necessary.