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Travel safely!

Mandatory mouth and nose protection

Mouth and nose protection is compulsory on all public transport. From 21.09. this also applies to the entire closed station area.

We ask our passengers to take their own mouth and nose protection with them and wear them on our trains, buses and stations. Alternatively, a scarf can be used. It is important: the mouth and nose must be covered!

Current restrictions

In view of the current situation, passenger services are presently experiencing significant reductions. For example, international train services to many countries have been suspended. You can obtain further information about this from our route information service. The timetable changes have been integrated into the ÖBB timetable and are available in SCOTTY and from ÖBB Customer Services on 05-1717.

Please make sure to find out about your preferred connection in advance.

Overview of the changes


Many professions depend on functioning public transport. ÖBB and its employees are therefore still in action and ensure that you get to your destination reliably and safely every day.

Local and regional transport and long-distance transport are back in regular operation throughout Austria.

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International daily services


Before you start your journey, please contact the authorities of the respective countries to find out about any entry requirements or hygiene measures (compulsory masks). The current entry requirements for Austria can be found on the website of BMK.

Nightjet and EuroNight services

Current changes in Nightjet traffic

Concerns trains between Austria-Germany, Switzerland-Germany, connections from/ to Italy, from/ to Amsterdam and from/ to Brussels

Due to the travel restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, we are reducing the Nightjet traffic from 7 November 2020 to 9 December 2020 and after the public holidays from 10 January to probably 8 February 2021 * - for exact dates see list under "Details on those affected Links".

The premiere to Amsterdam, originally planned for December, will be rescheduled for the spring. Until then, night trains will run in this direction to and from Düsseldorf.

ÖBB fully understands all local and national measures that are being taken to contain the corona pandemic, but must react appropriately to this circumstance in view of the high travel barriers. In time for the holidays in December, however, we will again bring all passengers who will be traveling with our Nightjets safely and relaxed to their destination.

Passengers on the affected Nightjet connections will of course be reimbursed the ticket price or can rebook connections during day-time. Please contact our ÖBB customer service on 05 1717-9 (for tickets purchased from ÖBB) or the respective partner railway/ sales point.

* As a precautionary measure, no bookings are currently possible for the affected trains from January 10th to March 24th, 2021. An update will follow in the next few weeks


Until further notice, single seats can be booked on ÖBB Nightjets in the seating carriage, couchette carriage with 4-person compartments, or in the sleeper carriage. For maximum privacy, the compartments in the three comfort categories can also be booked as a separate (private) compartment. This enables you to travel in a compartment with just your family or friends, without having to share it with other passengers who are not in your group.

On the connections from/ to Rome and Livorno only entire compartments can be booked due to official requirements: Private compartments in the seat car and couchette, sleeping car/ sleeping car deluxe only for exclusive use in single/ double/ triple occupancy. Tickets for single seats that have already been purchased remain valid, but train staff can allocate other seats in the same travel category so that the minimum distance can be observed. Vehicle transport to/ from Livorno can still be booked unchanged.

You can find full details about private compartments on the website or by calling ÖBB customer service on 05-1717.


Download the current rules of conduct.


The measures apply until further notice and will be updated as necessary.


ÖBB currently grant far-reaching goodwill regulations for tickets to and from risk areas beyond the regular reimbursement conditions.

International ÖBB tickets with validity until 31 December 2020 to and from risk areas can be converted into ÖBB vouchers.

The ÖBB observe and analyze the development of the situation. If necessary, the goodwill regulations will be adjusted. Please contact ÖBB customer service by phone or email.