For longer train trips, you can tuck yourself in comfortably in one of our sleeper cars. Depending on the type of wagon, you can choose between 1 bed (single), 2 bed (double) and 3 bed compartments. In addition to this, our deluxe compartments are equipped with their own shower and toilet. Trains which include a sleeper car are marked accordingly in the rail schedule.

Please note the following

The ticket for a sleeper car on an ÖBB night train automatically includes a seat reservation and is valid for the chosen train on the day selected. With your ticket, you are entitled to the according designated sleeping berth. This claim expires if you do not find your berth within 15 minutes after the train has departed from the train station specified.

The booking for your sleeping berth includes a welcome package (aperitif, snacks and mineral water), toiletries, a wake-up service in the morning, as well as a sumptuous breakfast. These services may vary on night trains from other railway operators.

On some international night trains (e.g. express train), you need a bed card as well as a ticket for each sleeping berth. This must conform to the type of train and wagon class for the route to be travelled in the sleeper car.

The surcharge for the sleeping berth also applies to passengers travelling at reduced rates or free of charge. It is paid when the seat is booked.

How to book a sleeping berth

You can reserve your sleeping berth 180 days prior to the travel date up until the booking deadline from the following points of sale:

  • at the ÖBB ticket shop
  • at the ÖBB customer service at +43 (0)5 1717
  • at the ÖBB ticket counters

Warning: if you do not claim your sleeping berth, the amount paid is forfeited.