Regularly running Railjet trains connect Austria with its neighbouring countries. Two Railjets run between Vienna and Salzburg every hour. A slightly faster Railjet train will stop at the provincial capitals along the route and a slightly slower Railjet will additionally stop at Vöcklabruck, Attnang-Puchheim, Wels Main Station, St. Valentin, Amstetten and Tullnerfeld.

Railjet trains bound for Innsbruck and Feldkirch via Salzburg, a Railjet leaves Vienna hourly. Every two hours, Railjets depart from Vienna for Zurich, Budapest and Munich.

Likewise every two hours, Railjet trains take passengers from Graz to Prague via Vienna.

ÖBB railjet trains travel to Vienna International Airport via Wien Meidling and Vienna Main station twice an hour. With Bregenz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz and St. Pölten, ÖBB’s Railjet trains offer direct connections to Vienna International Airport from a total of five Austrian state capitals. There are 6 direct, daily Railjet connections per direction for passengers travelling to Vienna International Airport from Graz, Bruck/Mur, Kapfenberg and Mürzzuschlag.

Since December 2017, Railjet trains run from Vienna to Venice twice a day.

Another 4 Railjet trains run on the Tauern route between Klagenfurt and Salzburg every day. This results in a direct Railjet connection from Klagenfurt to Munich and direct connections from the Tauern route (e.g. Gastein Valley) to Vienna via the western route.

A Railjet direct connection in the opposite direction, from Vienna to Stuttgart and Frankfurt via Munich is offered on Fridays and Saturdays / Saturdays and Sundays.

Direct Railjet connections from Vienna to Zell am See and Kitzbühel are offered from 29.12.2017 to 2.4.2018 and from 29.6. to 9.9.2018.