The Economy class wagons offer plenty of room for traveller, additional amenities in the First class or special offers, comfort and service in the Business Class.

First Class (1st class)

Your pamper compartment.
Additional amenities over Economy class.

Amenities Railjet ICE Intercity Eurocity
More legroom yes yes yes yes
More room between the seats sideways, 2+1 seating in open cars yes yes yes yes
Individually adjustable seats yes yes yes yes
Extra wide tables yes no no no
Compartments (6 seats) no no partially partially
Electric outlet per seat yes yes yes partially
Individual service Railjet ICE Intercity Eurocity
Cabin service: Food and drinks from the restaurant menu are served at your seat, if you wish yes yes no yes
Moving repeater for an optimized mobile communications reception no no yes no
Newspaper-service yes* yes yes yes

* in the onboard portal Railnet including WiFi, service and infotainment with more than 20 daily newspapers and 70 magazines as well as the ORF TVthek and the classical portal fidelio


Upgrade - simply book your Business Class ticket with the train attendants, at the ticket counter or on the Internet.

Economy Class (2nd class)

An ÖBB class of its own.
The ÖBB 2nd class wagons offer plenty of room for travellers.

Modern seats in open cars yes yes partially
Compartments (6 seats) no yes partially
Generous luggage racks / luggage compartments yes yes yes
Multifunctional tables yes yes yes
One electric outlet per double seat yes yes no
All trains with air-conditioning yes yes yes
Wi-Fi yes no no
Restaurant and bistro car yes no yes
Individual serviceRailjetIntercityEurocity
Trolley service with Nespresso coffee yes yes no
Children’s cinema or playing wagon for children yes no no
Special glazing optimizes mobile reception yes yes no


Upgrade - simply book your First Class ticket with the train attendants, at the ticket counter or on the Internet.

Business Class

For only 15 Euros more than the First Class ticket, Business Class offers special comfort and service. Business Class amenities are available in some of the Eurocity trains.

Amenties of the Railjet Business Class

  • Maximum side room between seats and comfortable leg room
  • Leather seat covers
  • Individually adjustable seats with adaptable back rests and leg rests
  • Generous folding tables
  • Reading lamps
  • Quiet atmosphere for undisturbed work
  • Wi-Fi
  • One electrical outlet per seat for laptops or other electronic devices
  • Generous work surfaces

Services of the Railjet Business Class

  • Seat reservation included
  • Choice of welcome drink*
  • Free daily newspapers, weekly magazines and business magazines*
  • Cabin service: Delicious meals and drinks from the bistro and the restaurant served at your seat.

* only on Austrian track sections


Book your Business Class seat very easily at the ticket counter, with your train attendant or on the Internet.

As a rule, one 1st class ticket and a reservation for 15,- Euro are required for every journey. For Österreichcard Classic 1st class (Business) and Österreichcard Familie 1st class, the reservation of Business Class seats is made free of charge.