When travelling with ÖBB, there is no need to make any sacrifices. Take everything along that you need - or simply send your luggage ahead of time with Haus-Haus-Gepäck Plus. With the rail courier package, we transport your parcels 365 days a year. And at many train stations, lockers are available to store your luggage.


Tips for your safety

  • Never leave your luggage unattended on the platform or in the station concourse. A quick moment while you are buying tickets or newspapers is all thieves need to get away with your belongings.
  • You should not leave your hand luggage alone in the aisle or compartment either. Take it along when you go to the toilet or the on-board restaurant. You should take as few bags along as possible, make sure that they are not too large, and ask a person you know to look after them for you, if necessary. Under no circumstances should you trust chance acquaintances.