On ÖBB trains, you can also expect to enjoy culinary delights. Since 2012, our catering partner "Henry am Zug", a DO & Co group company, has been taking excellent care of our passengers. Why don't you stop by yourself on your next train ride to discover our lavish selection of food and beverages?

Fresh and high-quality dishes à la carte

On our menu, you will find seasonal Austrian delicacies, international specialties, as well as a selection of vegetarian dishes. The food is prepared daily from fresh raw goods and without preservatives.

Several hundred members of our service staff take care of our passengers on approximately 160 trains, day in and day out. The "Henry am Zug" team will be glad to serve you at the on-board restaurant. In business class and 1st class on the ÖBB Railjet, as well as in 1st class on the ÖBB Eurocity, dishes from the menu are served directly at your seat. On trains without a restaurant, the catering team offers beverages and snacks through the mobile on-board service.