Nimble as a fox: the ÖBB bi-level push-pull train (DOSTO) is deployed for rapid regional transport in metropolitan areas, for example for commuters travelling to and from Vienna. It can reach a maximum speed of 140 km/h.


Each ÖBB bi-level push-pull train is equipped with a multi-purpose compartment for the transportation of wheelchairs, pushchairs and bicycles.


The ÖBB bi-level push-pull train is mainly in operation in the eastern region around Vienna, as well as in Vorarlberg and Carinthia.

A train set includes 1 control car and 4 intermediate cars. The push-pull train can be either pulled or pushed by an ÖBB locomotive. The bi-level cars are also used without a control car with a locomotive.

Facts on the bi-level push-pull train

  • Maximum speed: 140 km/h
  • Number of seats: 200 (including 86 in the control car and 114 in the intermediate cars)
  • Comfort categories: 2nd class
  • On-board restaurant: No
  • Bicycle spaces: 6
  • Barrier-free: Yes