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Penalty fare - no ticket or forgotten ticket

  • I have a non-personalised time-based ticket - what can I do?

    If you have a non-personalised time-based ticket (weekly or monthly ticket or any other ticket which has not been issued in your name), it cannot be handed in later or subjected to a retrospective validity check. A reduction of the penalty fare is therefore not possible.

  • I have a personalised time-based ticket - what can I do?

    If you have a personalised time-based ticket (annual ticket of your transport association, student or apprentice ticket, Österreichcard), you can hand it in later in order to have its validity on the route section you travelled on verified.

    The penalty fare is reduced to a fee of 10 euros.

  • What happens if I don’t pay the penalty fare?

    After expiry of the payment deadline, open receivables are automatically forwarded to a collection agency which results in additional costs.

  • What happens if I board a regional train without a ticket?

    ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG’s entire local and regional transport* is managed as a self-service transport network. That means that you must have a valid ticket before passing through the barrier and/or starting your journey. If in the event of a ticket inspection you are found to be travelling without a valid ticket, you will be subject to a penalty fare. In this case it is irrelevant whether you didn’t have the time to purchase a ticket or whether you can no longer find it.

    After the train attendants have issued a penalty fare claim, you can pay it in cash immediately. If payment is not made immediately, a claim for subsequent payment is issued which increases the amount to be paid. The payment period is 14 days.

    * the following are considered regional trains: regional train (R), RegionalExpress (REX) and rapid transit (S-Bahn)

  • What appeal options are there?

    In order to ensure transparency and traceability, all appeals must be made in writing, indicating the 10-digit penalty fare claim number (reference number)

    The postal address for appeals is:

    ÖBB Kundenservice
    Postfach 200
    1020 Vienna

    Please send appeals directly via our contact form.

  • How can I pay my penalty fare?

    • Cash payment at any bank
    • Wire transfer from a/your account
    • Telebanking / Internet banking


    Bank details

    Bank: BAWAG/ PSK AG
    Account number: 510093950
    IBAN: AT11 6000 0005 1009 3950

  • Where do I find the penalty fare claim number?

    It is located below the date and time.