The return of the legion. Roman heritage in Upper Austria.

For 500 years, the Roman Empire shaped our country, leaving behind lasting traces. The Regional Exhibition 2018 invites you to explore and experience them. With display excavations, impressive original finds, research adventures for up-and-coming archaeologists, interactive apps and virtual worlds, the Regional Exhibition from 27 April to 4 November 2018 offers multi-dimensional insights into Roman life 1800 years ago. The primary location for the Regional Exhibition is Enns, the oldest city in Austria. Further locations include Schlögen as well as Oberranna in the Upper Danube Valley.

Enns was one of the largest and most important commercial and military bases on the northern border of the Roman Empire. It gained its importance through the 2nd Italian Legion, which built its camp here at the turn of the 2nd to the 3rd century AD.

The newly designed exhibition at the Museum Lauriacum with its precious original finds, elaborate reconstructions, interactive stations and a film produced especially for the Regional Exhibition, shows that the legionnaires were far more than just warriors. Visitors of the Regional Exhibition can experience first-hand how these pioneers, builders and craftsmen worked and lived with their families.

A visit to the St. Laurenz Basilica offers a fascinating journey through the history of architecture from Roman antiquity to Gothic times. Excellently preserved building remains in the lower church testify to the former existence of a Roman town villa and an early Christian church from the time of St. Severin.

Schlögen and Oberranna

A small but very special fortification awaits visitors in Oberranna in the community of Engelhartszell. Many questions about the massive building with its round corner towers remain unanswered to this day.

In Schlögen, an exceptionally well-preserved Roman bath invites you to immerse yourself in the ancient world of architecture, technology and joie de vivre.

Feeling, experiencing, perceiving with all your senses – interactive, vivid and entertaining - the 2018 Regional Exhibition makes history come alive.

Included services:

  • Admission to the Regional Exhibition 2018 in Enns

Destination station: Enns

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from 27.04.18 - 04.11.18 ÖBB Plus-offer Local prices
Adults € 7,- € 8,-

Tickets for children are not offered.