The Kunsthaus Bregenz is considered one of the most important art institutions in the world. Its widely respected architectural design by Peter Zumthor marks it as one of the most important museum buildings on an international scale. 

Commercialisation stops at nothing, not even the taboos of history. For his exhibition, Simon Fujiwara addresses the topic of marketing: The history of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, which during the Nazi persecution of Jews became a hiding place for eight Jewish people and is now a museum dedicated to the Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

The building, largely a reconstruction in which only a few original family-owned artefacts are preserved, is a magnet for visitors. Fujiwara reacts to the reconstruction of the rooms by exactly recreating the Anne Frank House in the Kunsthaus Bregenz. As a model, he uses the construction kit which is on sale at the museum shop. The replica becomes a large, partially walkable copy. With this, Kunsthaus Bregenz continues its distinctive interventions focusing on authenticity, originality, value, history and replicability.


  • Simon Fujiwara: Hope House 27.01.18 - 02.04.18
  • Mika Rottenberg: 21.04.18 - 01.07.18
  • David Claerbout: 14.07.18 - 07.10.18
  • Tacita Dean: 20.10.18 - 06.01.19

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  • Flaka Haliti 15.02.18 - 22.04.18
  • Alicia Frankovich 03.05.18 - 15.07.18
  • Lili Reynaud Dewar 26.07.18 - 21.10.18
  • Maeve Brennan 31.10.18 - 20.01.19

Included services:

  • Admission to the Kunsthaus Bregenz

Destination station: Bregenz

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von 01.01.18 - 31.12.18 ÖBB Plus-offer Local price
Adult € 8,10 € 9,-

Children and Adolescents up to the age of 19 are free