With Interrail you can travel by rail all over Europe - no matter what your age. You can travel as often and as long as you like.
Interrail passes are available at special rates for young people, senior citizens and families.

Take a short break to some of the most beautiful corners of Europe. Let the Nightjet whisk you away from Vienna to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, and spend a day on the banks of the Elbe. Stop over to soak in the tranquillity of Malmo, before travelling on to Stockholm, the modern city of islands. The next destination is Copenhagen, with its futuristic atmosphere and the off-the-wall Freetown of Christiania, and then on to Amsterdam, the city of bicycles, canals and museums.

Or perhaps go by train to Norway and the far north, or to the south to Lisbon, Istanbul or to the sunny island of Sicily in southern Italy. Or, who knows, even ....?

Where will your journey take you? Set out on your own adventure - with Interrail.



New since 2017:

  • Interrail passes are now also accepted on Eurostar, the comfortably way to travel from Europe to London and back. Seat reservation is obligatory.
  • The age limit for young persons tickets has been extended from 26 to 27 years.


Rail Planner App

The Rail Planner App (App Store or Google Play) allows you to access train information wherever you are. It gives you fast access to the departure and arrival times of trains in Europe and can even be used off-line. You can use the app to plan your travel in advance. At a very busy station, it will also help you to find your connecting train.