The ÖBB Railjet will take you every hour from Vienna Central Station to Graz in 2 hours 38 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes from Vienna Meidling). A direct Railjet service runs every two hours from Prague or Vienna International Airport via Vienna to Graz. Twice a day in place of the ÖBB Railjet, international Eurocity services run beyond Styria and on to Zagreb and Ljubljana.

There are intermediate stops at Vienna Meidling, Wiener Neustadt, Mürzzuschlag, Kapfenberg and Bruck an der Mur. Some ÖBB Railjet services and one Eurocity per day also stop at Semmering, enabling you to travel several times a day from Vienna to the UNESCO World Heritage Site around the Semmering railway in only 1 hour 12 minutes.


Even better connections to Vienna International Airport from the South

Since December 2016, there have been 6 direct, daily connections for passengers travelling between Vienna International Airport and Graz, Bruck/Mur, Kapfenberg or Mürzzuschlag. In addition, there are straightforward connections every hour from Vienna Central Station - mostly from the same platform. The journey time from Graz to Vienna International Airport is 2 hours 59 minutes.