The DomQuartier Salzburg - more than a museum!

With 2000 exhibits over 15,000 square metres, the DomQuartier Salzburg invites you to a unique Tour de Baroque, covering 1300 years of action.

Heaven and earth under one roof. The prince archbishops began to turn Salzburg into a baroque jewel, in the Italian style, more than 400 years ago. The cathedral and the residence formed the centre of power of these sovereigns, who acted as both secular and spiritual rulers. This unity of political power is manifested in the architecture by the connection of the cathedral and the residence complex, but with its dissolution following secularisation, the connecting doors were also closed.

After more than 200 years the DomQuartier has reopened these locked doors to revive a concept of grand prince proportions. The historical relationship of the buildings, including the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter, has been restored and a museum project established that is internationally unique.

Visitors can experience the fascinating interplay of history, art and architecture, as well as impressive views of the old town and the mountains of the city. An elaborate system of pathways will take them on a varied and spectacular tour over a distance of 1.3 km, and an estate that is truly magnificent.

The Salzburg Residenz served as a splendid administrative and residential seat for the prince archbishops for centuries. Even in the Baroque era it was regarded as one of the most representative feudal sites in the German-speaking world. Today, those who visit can also walk through the succession of splendid apartments, just as men of state, court officials and ambassadors of foreign princes stepped forward for an audience once upon a time.

In the Residenzgalerie you will find paintings of exceptional quality such as the famous "Old Woman Praying" by Rembrandt, and in the Dommuseum many sacred works of art, including the so-called “Rupertuskreuz” (Cross of Saint Rupert) the oldest exhibit of the DomQuartier, from the 8th century. You can admire amazing objects and curiosities in the Kunst- und Wunderkammer and the most beautiful pieces from the lavish art collections of the abbey in the Museum St. Peter. These illustrate the great history of the oldest monastery in the German-speaking world. It is equally the very cradle of Salzburg, of whose many splendid times are so fascinatingly recounted in the DomQuartier.

In keeping with its slogan "more than a museum", the DomQuartier offers a varied program of special events and exciting special exhibitions, in addition to the complete baroque works of art and the valuable art treasures.

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  • Admission to the DomQuartier Salzburg

Destination station: Salzburg

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Children up to the age of 6 are free.