Long-distance traffic

In long-distance traffic there are over 200 trains daily available (national and international) with possibilities of wheelchair-transport.

Informations on long-distance traffic

ÖBB uses coaches particularly suitable for people with wheelchairs in many national and international trains in long-distance traffic. These coaches are equipped with wheelchair accessible toilets and the trains are marked with a wheelchair symbol and with the note “with wheelchair bay” or “with wheelchair accessible toilet” in our timetables. There is also a clearly visible wheelchair symbol displayed in the entrance area.

Depending on the type of coach, several wheelchair bays including one seat each for an accompanying person can be reserved free of charge.

On many trains, the wheelchair bays are in 1st class. In this case, it goes without saying that passengers with wheelchairs and the person accompanying them can travel 1st class with their 2nd class tickets and can also make use of the “at-seat service” of meals and beverages offered in 1st class.

ÖBB Railjet

ÖBB was the first railway undertaking to implement the use of a completely new technology in European train operation starting from the timetable change 2008/09: this innovation made it possible for the first time to have a vehicle-integrated lift for passengers in wheelchairs on a long-distance train. Three seats are reserved for wheelchairs in every rake of coaches. Also power outlets to charge wheelchair batteries are available. Naturally, the equipment includes tactile elements for visually impaired passengers and special places for guide dogs. The continuous delivery of new trains allows ÖBB to keep expanding this timetable offer.

Suburban traffic

Also in suburban traffic many trains are able to transport wheelchairs.

A total of 100 Cityjet, 180 Talent and 60 Desiro trains are used nationwide.

Informations on suburban traffic

Our new fleet for suburban services comprising low floor vehicles of the "Talent" series is equipped with a vehicle-integrated ramp. Trains of the "Desiro" series were equipped with a mobile ramp that facilitates boarding and alighting for passengers in wheelchairs, if a station is equipped accordingly. If needed, our power car staff will personally assist you. The entrances to the wheelchair bays are marked with wheelchair symbols. The visual and acoustic passenger information system informs you about the next stop of the train.

All in all, 188 Talent and 60 Desiro are used throughout Austria.

Advantages of the new Talent and Desiro train sets:

  • new design
  • low / level entrance. Please check for station facilities
  • high-contrast handrail marking (for passengers with impaired vision)
  • emergency call points (to assist people in wheelchairs when exiting the train)
  • SOS button in wheelchair accessible toilet
  • air-conditioning
  • visual and acoustic passenger information system
  • fire alarm system (for your safety)

Double-decker coaches allow same-level access on high platforms (550mm above top of rail). With the installation of a vehicle-integrated ramp, ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG has taken an important step towards barrier-free access in suburban traffic. It is recommended to make a request for assistance at our Mobility Service Centre.

In our push-pull train sets "CityShuttle" there is a multi-purpose compartment for passengers with wheelchairs in the control trailer. As these are high floor vehicles, it is absolutely necessary to make a request for assistance with the elevator.