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Already available:

  • VVK - Carinthia (single trips)
  • SVV - Salzburg (single trips, daily trips, hourly ticket for Salzburg, daily ticket for Salzburg)
  • VST - Styria (single trips/hourly tickets, 24-hour tickets, weekly passes, monthly passes, leisure ticket (Freizeit-Ticket Steiermark), an Graz 3-day pass)
  • VVT - Tyrol* (single trips)
  • VVV - Vorarlberg (single trips)
  • VOR - Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland (single trips, daily trips, Jugendticket and TOP-Jugendticket) as well as only Vienna (daily ticket, 2-days-ticket, 3-days-ticket, daily-/weekls-/monthly-tickets)
  • OÖVV - Upper Austria (single trips, daily trips, weekly- and monthly ticket, hourly ticket for Linz, daily ticket for Linz, hourly ticket Wels, daily ticket Wels, hourly ticket Steyr, daily ticket Steyr)

More Time-based tickets (daily, weekly and monthly tickets) for all associations will be introduced over the course of the year.

* urban transport in Innsbruck excluded


Tickets for ÖBB and affiliated partners can be booked via one single purchase transaction. Simply enter your point of departure and your destination, and the system will automatically offer a suitable ÖBB and/or transport association ticket.

Vorteilscard recognition overview in transport associations (from 06.07.2016)

New: Since 1st of july the Verkehrsverbund Ostregion (VOR) accepts the ÖBB Vorteilscard Senior. Therefore for journeys in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland the discounted VOR tariff is valid.

Shortcut VC Classic VC Jugend VC Familie VC Family VC Senior
VOR No No No No Yes
VVV No No No No No
VVT No No No No Yes
SVV No No No No Yes
OÖVV No No No No Yes
VVK No No No Yes Yes
VST No No No No Yes