Vienna Ferris wheel

With the Sparschiene Austria, we take our passengers to the most beautiful national destinations for as little as 9 euros. From a weekend getaway to Salzburg or Vienna to a climbing tour through the mountains: with us, you can go there and back inexpensively, comfortably and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Easy on the budget

  • 2nd class Sparschiene Austria tickets are available for as little as 9.- euros.
  • Sparschiene tickets for first class travel are on offer for as little as 19.- euros.
  • On the ÖBB night train, Sparschiene allows you to travel throughout Austria for as little as 29.- euros.

How to book your ÖBB Sparschiene Österreich ticket

How to book your ÖBB Sparschiene Austria ticket: Go to, click on Book ticket, and search for your desired connection. Should no Sparschiene ticket be available, you can use the buttons "earlier" or "later" to expand your search. Information on international travel: Sparschiene Europa.


The number of Sparschiene tickets per train is limited
Once they are gone, we automatically offer you the next higher price category. Depending on the route and any applicable discount (e.g. Vorteils­card), there may be a less expensive option. You can compare prices at

Take up to 4 children with you for free
Up to 4 children up to the age of 15 can travel for free together with an adult passenger. For the children, only a reservation fee for the night train must be paid.

Complete details regarding ÖBB Sparschiene Österreich

With Sparschiene, you can travel throughout the entire country. You yourself chose your station of departure and destination; your ticket is also valid for routes requiring you to change trains. Please note: The offering only applies to routes with a distance of at least 150 kilometres per direction. For this, you must use at least one ÖBB long-distance train (e.g. Railjet, IC, EC, ICE or Euronight) or an ÖBB Intercitybus.

Your Sparschiene at a glance

  • ÖBB Sparschiene Österreich can only be booked via the ÖBB ticket shop as well as the ÖBB App. The ticket is valid for one person on the train selected, on a specific day of travel and in one direction. Cancellations or refunds are not possible.
  • You can purchase your Sparschiene ticket as early as 6 months (180 days) before your travel date. Pay attention to timetable changes: you want to book a trip for April in November? You cannot purchase a ticket until the new timetable has been published in December.
  • The Sparschiene ticket does not include a seat reservation. Our recommendation: Reserve your seat right away when booking your ticket.
  • No further discounts - e.g. with the ÖBB Vorteilscard - are granted when booking Sparschiene tickets. Your Sparschiene ticket for 2nd class cannot be upgraded to a 1st class ticket. An upgrade from 1st class to business class, however, is possible. Please also note our current terms and conditions for Sparschiene Österreich.