Booking a reduced seat, simply spending the night on a couchette coach or enjoying the comfort of a bed: On the ÖBB Nightjet, you have the choice between several different travel categories. No matter if you are travelling alone, with your family or as a group, you will surely find your preferred option.

Do you want to take a look around in the different Nightjet travel categories? At the end of this website you can find 360° pictures of seat, couchette coach and sleeper cabin. So get an impression of traveling with the Nightjet.


A seat is the cheapest way of travelling. Each 2nd class compartment has 6 seats. Toilets and washrooms are located in the wagons. Your Nightjet ticket already includes a booked seat. Simply select your seat when booking (window, aisle, centre). In your compartment, you will also find a food menu (link). These beverages and snacks can be purchased from the train team on the couchette or sleeper coach.

Couchette coach - standard

The couchette compartments are equipped with 4 or 6 berths. They are suitable for groups, families or price-conscious individual travellers. When booking, the system does not segregate by sex in the compartment.

Each berth is equipped with a blanket, a sheet, and a fresh pillow for you. Toilets and washrooms are located in the wagons. The compartments can be locked from the inside. Sparkling water and a „Viennese breakfast“ (coffee/tea, 1 roll, butter, jam) are included. In your compartment, you will also find a food menu containing beverages and snacks the train team will gladly serve you against payment. The bunks are stacked. When booking, simply select your desired type of compartment (4 beds or 6 beds) as well as your berth (bottom, middle or on top).

Couchette coach - women´s compartment

The couchette coach features special women’s compartments for our female passengers. The prices, equipment and service is equal to the above mentioned standard couchette coach compartments, but these berths can only be booked by women. Please book these berths at least 4 days prior to your departure at every ticket counter or through the ÖBB Customer Service at 0043 5 1717.

Couchette coach - family compartment

Head off on a trip together to marvel at the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, discover the Colosseum in Rome or visit Gardaland near Verona: In the family compartment, you can travel with your children in the comfort and privacy of your own compartment. At a flat rate, 1 or 2 adults travel together with 1 to 4 children (up to 14 years of age). Equipment and service are equal to the above mentioned standard couchette coach compartments. The number of compartments is limited.
Tickets are available at all ÖBB, SBB and DB points of sale as well as at

Couchette coach with Wheelchair compartment

On many routes, passengers with impaired mobility can make use of a coach with wheelchair-accessible couchette compartment and adjacent sanitary facilities. This couchette coach compartment provides room for one passenger with a wheelchair and one accompanying person. Please book this berth early enough. The discounted ticket for the accompanying person can only be purchased on the train itself.

Information and booking the wheelchair-accessible compartment

Please book this special compartment through the Austrian Federal Railways’ customer service in Vienna at 0043 5 1717

Customers from Germany:

  • At the DB service number: 0049 180 6 99 66 33 (20 ct/call from a landline, max. 60 ct/call from a mobile phone), key word: “Advice” or
  • via the direct phone number 0049 180 6 512 512 (20 ct/call from a German landline, max. 60 ct/call from a mobile phone)
  • through the Austrian Federal Railways’ customer service in Vienna at 0043 5 1717

Customers from Switzerland:

  • Via the Call Center Handicap: Toll-free number 0800 007 102 for calls from Switzerland, +41 (0)51 225 78 44 for calls from foreign countries (respective official rates).

Sleeper cabin

The sleeper cabin, ÖBB Nightjet’s most comfortable way of travelling, offers a comprehensive range of services. A sleeper cabin compartment can be booked in the form of Single (alone in the compartment), Double (two people in the compartment) or Triple (three people in the compartment). Apart from a freshly made bed, you will find in your compartment your own washing facilities with towels and toiletry (among others, soap, slippers and cotton swabs).
Our Deluxe Compartments which can also be booked in the form of Single, Double and Triple, feature their own bathroom with wash basin, shower and toilet. Shower gel and towels are provided.

A place in the sleeper car comes with a welcome package with an aperitif, snacks and sparkling water as well as a lavish breakfast with hot beverages (re-fill included) and a newspaper. At night, you can arrange your breakfast for the coming day using the food menu, which is available in every compartment. The dishes and beverages you have selected will be served to you in your compartment the next morning.

You can furthermore order items from the food menu in your compartment which contains warm and cold snacks as well as beverages the train team will gladly serve you against payment. Kindly send special requests for food served on the Nightjet trains (e.g. Gluten-free breakfast) to the following e-mail address until 24 hours prior to your departure:

The train team will gladly arrange a wake-up call for you and wake you up on time in the morning.

Both sides of all compartments can be locked by the passenger, while an intercom system allows them to directly contact the train team.

You may also book single berths in the compartment categories Triple and Double. In this case, you will share the compartment with other passengers (segregated between men and women).

360° impressions of our compartments