If you wish to discover Europe with Interrail: We can help you choose the right Interrail pass by following the next four steps.

1. In which countries do you wish to travel?

Select the European countries you wish to visit and decide whether you want to travel with a Global Pass or a One Country Pass.

2. How many days do you wish to travel?

Choose the validity of the pass to suit your needs, e.g. 5 travel days within 15 days (FlexiPass) or valid for 1 month continuously.

3. In which train class do you wish to travel?

Decide whether you want to travel in 1st or 2nd class.

4. When would you like to travel?

Decide the dates when you will travel and buy your pass. Where reservations are required for specific trains, please make a booking in advance.


Your Interrail Pass is available up to 11 months in advance:

  • in the ÖBB Ticketshop,
  • at all major stations and
  • at travel agencies selling rail tickets.

When making your purchase, you need to provide evidence of your country of residence and date of birth - for example by presenting an identity card, a passport or a residence permit. If you purchase your Interrail Pass online or if somebody else gets it for you, you must be able to prove the information is correct when the tickets are inspected on the train.

Please note: the Interrail Pass is issued personally to you and is non-transferable. Surcharges which may apply, for example for high-speed trains, couchette or sleeper cabins, are not included in the price of the pass. In addition to this, some private railways do not participate in the Interrail programme. Further information can be found on the Interrail-Website.