Are you planning to take a trip together?

Austrian schools and youth organisations can travel throughout our country at particularly low rates if they take the train. The added benefit: accompanying adults travel for free.

The advantages to you at a glance

  • You save up to 60 % compared to the standard price when travelling within the ÖBB rail network (including the Raaberbahn).
  • A certain number of accompanying persons can travel along for free.
  • The package prices are staggered according to the size of the group.


New order process since the 10th of february for your Schulcard-Ticket!
Ordering is now more easier for your Schulcard-Ticket. Therefore it it´s neccessary to create an ÖBB account. Easy and convenient - to open an account you only need your Schulcard number and the corresponding PIN! We have created a guide for you (german only). The new procedure is described here!

How to get your ÖBB Schulcard

The Schulcard is our customer card for youth groups. With this card, they can book discounted online tickets in Austria and reserve seats for their journey. The card is issued in the name of the school or the youth organisation free of charge and is delivered by mail within 15 working days. Please note: more than half of the group must consist of adolescents or students under the age of 26. Young people above the age of 19 will also need a valid Vorteilscard Jugend.

ÖBB Schulcard: accompanying persons travel for free

If you are accompanying a school class or a youth group, you enjoy a double benefit: you travel for free on the train and are also granted free admission to all excursion destinations offered in conjunction with the ÖBB Schulcard.

Young personsFree accompanying adults
6 to 20 2
21 to 30 3
31 to 40 4
41 to 50 5


Do you need to cancel a Schulcard ticket?

Prior to the first day of validity, your Schulcard ticket can be cancelled free of charge. After the first day of validity, you have 3 days to cancel it against a fee amounting to 50 % of the fare (minimum of 15 euros per person). Outward and return tickets are considered 2 individual tickets. Warning: once a ticket has been obtained as a PDF file, it can no longer be cancelled, exchanged or refunded.



  • Schulcard Specialists
  • 0800 0800 11 (Mo-Fr 07:00 - 17:00 Uhr workdays)


The ÖBB Schulcard offers you a low-cost option to travel with your school class or youth group. Have a look at the many benefits that await you:

  • The Schulcard is valid for trips on all ÖBB routes in Austria, on the Raaberbahn.
  • You will receive a discount of up to 60 % on the regular fare.
  • Groups of up to 20 persons can be accompanied by 2 adults free of charge (for larger groups, the number of accompanying persons increases accordingly). Any further accompanying person pays only the reduced youth rate.
  • The package prices are staggered according to the size of the group.

Interesting facts

Rail travel with a school class or a youth group must be planned carefully. These tips will assist you in your preparations.

  • Book the tickets online. Having to visit the train station prior to your journey is a thing of the past. Simply book your group ticket online at the ÖBB ticket shop. When specifying the size of the group, you do not need to include the accompanying persons your group is entitled to in the count.
  • Reserve your seats as early as possible. Reserve seats or compartments from 6 months up until 7 days prior to your trip. On long-distance trains, reservations for school groups are mandatory. In the ÖBB ticket shop, you can reserve seats free of charge. Simply fill in the online form, and you will receive an automatic reply e-mail with a service number. You will be notified of the seats you have been assigned by e-mail approximately one week prior to your departure.
  • Obtain your ticket as late as possible. The size of the group may change up until the last minute. Therefore, you shouldn't print out your group ticket until one or two days prior to departure. Alternatively, you could also generate a pick-up code: with this code, the accompanying person can print the ticket at an ÖBB ticket vending machine shortly before departure. Warning:once a ticket has been received as a PDF file, it can no longer be cancelled, exchanged or refunded (not even partially).
  • Make sure you choose the right train. Euronight trains cannot be used with the ÖBB Schulcard.
  • You need only one Schulcard. One Schulcard is sufficient for the entire school or youth organisation - you do not need to present it on the train.
  • Have your Schulcard at hand when booking. In order to check the fares for group trips, we will need your Schulcard number.
  • Specify the invoice number. The entire invoice amount for a trip with a Schulcard must be paid in one transaction. When making the transfer, please ensure that you specify the invoice number.

How to cancel a Schulcard ticket

If you have not yet obtained the PDF file for the ordered ticket, you can cancel the booked services free of charge. For the cancellation, you will need to use the booking confirmation which you received previously by e-mail.

When purchasing Schulcard tickets via the ÖBB ticket shop, the following cancellation policy applies:

  1. Prior to the first day of validity, the ticket can be cancelled free of charge.
  2. After the first day of validity, you have 3 days to cancel the ticket against a fee amounting to 50 % of the fare (minimum of 15 euros per person). Outward and return tickets are considered 2 individual tickets.

These are the border stations

For trips with an ÖBB Schulcard, the following train stations are considered the border stops (border crossings): Scharnitz = Mittenwald border, Summerau = Summerau border, Gmünd NÖ = Gmünd border, Retz = Retz border, Bernhardsthal = Břeclav border, Marchegg = Marchegg border, Nickelsdorf = Hegyeshalom border, Mogersdorf = Szentgotthárd border, Spielfeld-Straß = Spielfeld border, Bleiburg = Bleiburg border, Rosenbach = Jesenice border

Invite a partner school

You should definitely use the ÖBB Schulcard if you want to visit a partner school in Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic or Hungary with your school class. Why? Because for the return visit to Austria, your partner school's students can travel on our trains free of charge. This is how it works:

  1. You order tickets for your school class: You book a Schulcard ticket to the border station for your school class. Then you book the ticket for the part of the trip outside of Austria with our customer service representatives specialised on international trips.
  1. You order tickets for your partner school: For your partner school's return visit, you also book a Schulcard ticket and send it to the school abroad. After completing the journey, the partner school sends the Schulcard ticket back to you. You send a fax with both tickets (the ticket for your school and the ticket for the partner school) to the number +43 (0)1 93000-830-52445, including a comment that this is a "guest school" ("Gastschule").
  1. You will be refunded the money for your partner school: Your partner school's fare for travel on ÖBB trains will be credited to you on one of your next invoices.