ÖBB travel portal: Seat reservation

Graphic seat reservation

What is graphic reservation?
Would you like to purchase a ticket on the Internet and at the same time make a seat reservation? Or reserve a seat for a ticket that you have bought at one of the ticket counters? For seats on the railjet trains, this is now possible using the simple and clear graphic reservation page available on the Internet. Graphic seat reservation works the same way as with airlines or in cinemas: simply select your seat on a graphic by clicking it - that's all it takes to reserve it for you.

How do I find the graphic reservation?
Select "with" or "only" reservation under Seat reservation in the Online Ticket section of the ÖBB website. Select the respective connection on the next page. If the selected connection is a railjet train, the button

Car information

You can see at the first glance the travel direction of the train - the locomotive is not always in front - and whether the direction changes during your trip on the railjet. The cars corresponding with your selected class are available for seat reservation. "Greyed out" cars are cars of other classes. Clicking them will display further information on these cars.

railjet overview

If you move the mouse across the individual cars in the train view or click e.g. "Kinderwagenabstellplätze [Pushchair bays]" or "Bistro" (Restaurant) in the field "Im Zug verfügbar [Available on the train]", you can immediately see where these special areas are located on the train.

Seat reservation

Markings show the seats that are still available and whether the seating direction will change during the trip. Furthermore, there is an overview on how many seats can still be selected.

railjet overview

If you move the mouse across the individual elements in the car view or select e.g. "WC" or "Gepäckablage [Luggage rack]"in the field "Im Wagen verfügbar [Available in the car]", the requested area will be immediately displayed. And there are photos showing you the respective area.

Customer data and reservation

Then the selected seats are displayed once more for confirmation. After having made your selection, continue entering the customer data. If your connection includes a preceding or subsequent train on which seats can be reserved, you will be informed that such seats will also be automatically reserved for you.

railjet reservation