Investor Relations

OeBB-Infrastruktur AG is the owner, constructor and operator of virtually the entire Austrian railway network.

Infrastructure projects have been mainly financed through the debt capital markets, where investors looking for low risk investments appreciate OeBB-Infrastruktur AG as a reliable and interesting partner.

From 2017 onwards funding will be provided primarily by loans of the Republic of Austria provided by the Austrian Treasury (OeBFA). According to Eurostat-criteria OeBB-Infrastruktur AG belongs to sector "state". Because of the fact that bonds of the Republic of Austria can be issued at lower yields in the capital markets, the decision of a long-term funding of the investments of OeBB-Infrastruktur AG by loans of the Republic of Austria has been made in coordination with the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

All existing bonds of OeBB-Infrastruktur AG and the included guarantees by the Republic of Austria will remain unaffected by this broadening of the available financial instruments of OeBB-Infrastruktur AG.