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Freight Centre Vienna South

Dated: December 2016
Freight Centre Vienna South project under construction

In the course of site consolidation for freight handling in the Vienna region a multi-functional freight centre is being constructed at the Inzersdorf site, at the junction of the Pettendorfer Line with the S1 motorway. The planned facilities at this terminal are wagon-load freight traffic, combined freight transport (CT terminal) and facilities for part-load traffic together with traffic and operational facilities.

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The Freight Centre Vienna South (formerly the Vienna Inzersdorf Project Terminal) is being constructed in several expansion stages to respond to respective capacity requirements (modular implementation design definition).

Project status The project is in the implementation phase
Planning period September 2009 - December 2011
EIA submission: March 2011
Public debate and EIA negotiation 22nd - 23rd November 2011
EIA decision: February  2012
Start of construction The ground-breaking ceremony took place on 2nd August 2013
Planting ceremony 14th November 2014
Commissioning of CT facility December 2016
Total plant commissioning / projected completion December 2017

Project status

Currently the Hennersdorf Tunnel over the SI and the junction with the SI is under construction. The first section of tunnel was commissioned in December 2014.

The earth-moving work was begun in early 2014. The initial structural engineering work has been in progress since the beginning of November 2014 in the northern part of the site. The recently constructed landscaped areas are also located in the northern section of the site. These have already been completed. On 14th November 2014 local residents and pupils from the Wendstattgasse Primary School joined us in a re-vegetation scheme and the first plants were planted.

Aim and purpose

With the aim of meeting future expectations and responding to increases in rail freight traffic, this project makes a substantial contribution to taking freight off the roads and re-locating it to the environment-friendly world of rail transport. The closure of several goods stations in the Vienna area and the concentration of traffic into one site are also expected to relieve the load on the inner city. In particular inner-city train and shunting operations will be reduced.

The project is being created at a strategic site on the outskirts of Vienna, where the nearby approaches to the SI and the rail connection to the Pottendorfer Line make this the ideal location in terms of traffic for all transport carriers. In the future this will ensure fast connections for the freight centre in all mainline directions and to the national and international rail network. The expansion of this infrastructure measure optimises journey times and increases handling capacity for freight traffic in the south of Vienna.


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    Fright  Centre Vienna South


    A view of one of the largest earth-working sites currently in Austria (approx. 55 ha), the future site of the Fright Centre Vienna South.

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