Our timetable information service SCOTTY mobil offers you the possibility of obtaining information on schedules, stations or the current traffic conditions of ÖBB trains and several other transport companies. With door-to-door timetable information, you can check the fastest route from A to B for anywhere in Austria and access further services. In addition to this, you not only have access to additional relevant information such as details regarding train station and train equipment, but are also offered the possibility of saving travel data in your own calendar.

Data Storage

SCOTTY mobil is a mobile service which can be used without a registration. This service is therefore completely anonymous, as ÖBB does not save your contact data, location data, calendar entries, query results, etc. Therefore, ÖBB can and will not use data for any other purpose. Your query results remain entirely anonymous and are not saved, so that we also do not and cannot create user profiles.

How does SCOTTY mobil work from a technical point of view?

For the installation of SCOTTY mobil on your device and the communication with our information server which calculates the connection results for you, an active Internet connection is required. The permission to use the Internet for this is labelled “Data services”, “Internet” or “Access to all networks”, depending on your operating system.
Depending on the operating system used, some platforms (e.g. Android) show standardized security warnings provided by the operating system when you install SCOTTY mobil or use the app for the first time. These explanatory notes (e.g. reading confidential information such as call logs), however, do not apply to SCOTTY mobil, but rather to the general pre-determined settings of the operating system. ÖBB is therefore not able to change them.

In order to be able to use all functionalities provided by SCOTTY mobil, it is necessary to grant further permissions to access certain data on your device. These rights granted to the application can be withdrawn at any time, if so desired. Depending on the operating system used, the option for deactivation is provided in the security or system settings and can be performed by you directly.

From a detailed perspective and depending on the operating system used, SCOTTY mobil needs to be granted the following rights:

Contact data: These are only used to display the transport connection to or from one of the contacts in your address book. Only cities, streets and house numbers are transmitted. This data is not stored by us (not even temporarily).

Position or location data: Only if you prefer to do so, SCOTTY mobil can determine your current location in order to search for the ideal transport connections from this location or to display stations nearby. This data is not stored temporarily, either. It is therefore not possible to create movement profiles or similar evaluations.

Movement and direction sensor, compass function: This functionality facilitates the search for stations near to you. This data is not stored by us (not even temporarily).

Calendar: SCOTTY mobil offers the additional service of storing the travel data for your connections within your device’s calendar. This service is not mandatory, but is made available if you would like to avail yourself of it. Depending on the operating system, the related security warnings “Read calendar appointments and confidential information” or “Add or change calendar appointments without knowledge of the owners and send e-mails to guests” refer to this functionality. The actual contents of the calendars, however, are not read.

Change or delete contents of USB memory: This access is only required if you want to save SCOTTY mobil on the SD card.

Install shortcuts: This permission is required in order to be able to create shortcuts for connections and departure boards.

Read call list: This permission is required by the Android operating system by default whenever address data can be read from the contacts. However, the information in the call list is not read by SCOTTY mobil.

Photo, music and video libraries: These permissions are required for technical reasons in order to create the live tile graphics (maps). No private data is read, and no data which would be visible to other apps is written.

Camera: Take pictures and videos: This permisson is required for augmented reality. No photos or videos will be saved.

Notifications: In the future, this permission will be required in order to receive and display push messages (e.g. information on delays). Currently, however, it is not yet available. Even with this future functionality, however, no data will be stored.