Train delays

As a rule, you are entitled to receive 25 % of the one way fare of your ÖBB ticket for delays starting from 60 minutes and 50 % for delays starting from 120 minutes. Compensations under 4,- Euro are not paid out. Special compensation rules apply for international pass offers, the Österreichcard, all-inclusive offers as well as commutation tickets.

If you use only suburban and regional transport services (designated with the train category Regionalzug, Regionalexpress or S-Bahn in the timetables) and do not have a ticket that also includes main-line services, there is no entitlement for compensation in case of any delay.

On request, you can get a confirmation of the delay either from the train crew of the delayed train or on the Internet at for up to one day after the delay, Simply query the delayed train and print the confirmation. You can also electronically request it with an email to Up to seven days after your trip, you can also get this confirmation at any ticket office of a manned station.

Train cancellation or delay before or during the journey

If your train is cancelled or delayed by more than 60 minutes, you have the following options:

  • You can choose not to start your journey at the place of departure and we will refund you the full fare.
  • You can travel on another of our trains, if necessary via another route or with another type of transport service, if such transport service is included in your ticket.
  • You can abort your journey and we will refund you the fare for the route not yet travelled.
  • If the journey you started has become useless for you, you can immediately return on another of our trains or, if necessary with another type of transport service (if such use is included in your ticket) to the place of departure and we will refund you the full fare.

Österreichcard customers

Holders of a 2nd class Österreichcard receive fixed-rate compensation of Euro 20.- for every three delays of more than 30 minutes from the ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG, holders of a 1st class Österreichcard Euro 30.- up to a maximum of ten per cent of the purchase price of that particular Österreichcard per year.

Passengers must get confirmation of their delays from the ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG, either from the on-board conductor or the ticket counter at the station immediately on arrival.

Time-based tickets customers (with the exception of annual tickets)

As a holder of a time-based ticket you receive compensation if you experience a delay of more than 20 minutes where the delay has been confirmed by an on-board staff member or by station ticket counter staff immediately upon your arrival. Should it not be possible to obtain confirmation by those means, please contact the ÖBB-Kundenservice 05-1717 or go to by 12 midnight on the following day to retrieve and print your confirmation: go to the "trains/lines" section and enter your data under "confirmation of delay".

There is a standard compensation sum of 1,50 Euro for each delay, payable in cash upon presentation of your time-based ticket and appropriate number of delay confirmations at any ÖBB ticket counter - the delays must fall within the period of validity of the time-based ticket. Please note that compensation payments of less than 4,- Euro will not be issued.

Annual ticket customers

As an annual ticket customer, upon first ordering your annual ticket, the ÖBB or the issuing office for the annual ticket will contact you in writing to ask you whether or not you wish to take part in the train delay compensation process. If you wish to participate, details about your stations of departure and arrival will be logged as well as your bank contact details.

ÖBB will subsequently issue information monthly about punctuality rates on the line, or parts thereof, on which your stations of departure and arrival lie and for which you are using your annual ticket.
If the punctuality rates of 95% prescribed by law have not been achieved, you receive for that month, a 10% credit on the monthly zone ticket price for that train connection as compensatory payment. At the end of the period of validity of your annual ticket, the total amount of compensation payments for delays will be credited to your bank account automatically.

Please note that bus journeys that form part of annual ticket zones do not attract compensatory payments and that annual tickets used exclusively for inner city areas (town transport, core zones) are not subject to any kind of compensation regulations.