Make the most of ÖBB's rail offerings, and head off for a relaxing holiday trip. Our recommendation: make sure to reserve your seat on time. 

ÖBB train offering expanded

We have been preparing for the high number of passengers expected from 7th December to 11th December 2017. ÖBB is offering you approximately 5,200 additional seats.

Nevertheless, there may still be rail bottlenecks at peak hours. Please reserve your seat ahead of time, so that you can travel free of stress on your desired date. Please also ensure that you are at the train station in time - approximately 20 minutes prior to departure.

How to reserve your seat

You can book your tickets and reserve your seats here:

  • at the ÖBB customer service at +43 (0)5 1717
  • at the ÖBB ticket counters
  • at the ÖBB ticket shop

Trains for which we expect a high number of passengers are labelled accordingly in the ÖBB rail schedule.

We hope you have a great trip and a relaxing holiday!