Commuters between Vienna and the western regions of Lower Austria are travelling "twice as nice". They have two options during the day: either the railjets running to/from Vienna Meidling and Vienna Central Station twice every hour, or, during rush hours from Monday through Friday, the hourly REX200 trains between Amstetten, St. Pölten, Tullnerfeld, Vienna Hütteldorf and Vienna West.

Fast trains for commuters from the western parts of Lower Austria

The REX200 trains have a top speed of 200 km/h and offer a high degree of comfort in their long-distance cars. Commuters can take these trains to travel to their workplace in Vienna and back home again. Additional benefit: If you need to continue onwards to Linz, Salzburg, Germany or Switzerland, you can take one of the REX200 trains in Vienna West, Vienna Hütteldorf or Tullnerfeld for ideal connections to ÖBB long-distance trains towards the West in St. Pölten. With the integrated interval timetable, St. Pölten will, among other things, offer perfect connections to the ÖBB Railjets coming from Vienna Airport, Vienna Central Station and Vienna Meidling and continuing on towards the West. This way, ÖBB passengers coming from Vienna West can continue their journey to Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Bregenz or even Germany or Switzerland. ÖBB is working very hard to ensure that the connection time is only a short 7 minutes and that the connecting train is provided immediately on the adjacent track, so that passengers can switch trains comfortably and quickly.

Travelling to Vienna from the west: one ticket for all stations

If you are travelling to Vienna from the west, you won't have to decide whether you want to go to Vienna Meidling, Vienna Central Station or Vienna West until you have reached St. Pölten. Because every standard single ÖBB ticket "to Vienna" is valid for a trip to all of these stations. The according "city station" regulation was already introduced back in 2014. If on your journey you remain within the ÖBB rail network, you can use the ticket to reach not only the three large stations, but all ÖBB train stations in the city, i.e. also Vienna Mitte, Vienna Praterstern, Vienna Floridsdorf, etc.


How it works: Let's assume you have purchased a standard single ÖBB ticket from Innsbruck to Vienna Central Station. At last notice, you decide that you would prefer to arrive in Vienna West rather than Vienna Central Station. No problem at all, as your ticket is valid for both: you do not need to buy an additional ticket for the route from St. Pölten to Vienna West.

Additional benefit: example of a journey from Vienna West to Munich

Anybody who does not want to travel to Munich directly from Vienna Central Station (travel time: 4 hours) or Vienna Meidling (travel time: 3 hours and 53 minutes), can now also depart from Vienna West, having to switch trains only once.

Timetable example

Station Time
REX 200 from Vienna West (departure) 08:20
St. Pölten (arrival) 08:53
St. Pölten (departure Railjet) 09:00
Salzburg Central (arrival) 10:52
Munich Central (arrival) 12:30

The travel time from Vienna West to Munich will then be 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Bicycle transport possible.