In order to further optimise our passengers’ comfort, we are already working on the next generation of sleeper cars and couchettes which is scheduled to be taken into service starting in 2020. The first models of the new couchette and sleeper cars have already been designed and built. Between 30 November and 15 December 2016, customers were given the chance to take a look at them at the ÖBB headquarters at Vienna Main Station. More than 600 people seized the change to test the beds on the Nightjet of the future and give us their feedback. Their valuable ideas and suggestions will help us to further optimise our design studies.

Sleeper cars and couchettes enjoy great popularity

The pleasing result: Both the new couchette and the new sleeper cars were very popular among the testers. In case of the couchette, they particularly highlighted its pleasant and cosy atmosphere, its bright style, the comfy beds, contemporary design as well as its equipment including power outlets, USB ports and wireless charging possibilities. The sleeper car convinced its visitors with its bathroom for personal use, the comfort of its compartments, its beautiful and contemporary design, large beds and technical equipment. Also positively mentioned several times were its lighting design, lounge-like seating and the handy, extending table.

360° impressions of our compartments