Fahrrad Railjet

Saddle up, get set, go! Step by step, we are equipping our ÖBB Railjets so that you can take your bicycle along. The bicycle compartments are available on all Railjet lines.

Travelling comfortably with your bicycle

In the future, all Railjets will be offering room for up to 5 bicycles. From racing bikes to mountain bikes - we can take along any commonly used model. You will find the bicycle compartment in the first 2nd class wagon after the locomotive. For your orientation, the compartment is displayed in the overview of wagon locations at the train station. This way, you will be able to find the right place to wait, even before the train enters the station. Further benefits: we offer you generous loading space, as well as seats located close to your bicycle.

Railjet on the following connections already offer bicycle transport

New: From now on with Bicycle compartment

From Budapest - Vienna - Salzburg - Innsbruck - Bregenz/Zurich

RJ 564 Airport Vienna (ab 11:03) - Vienna Hbf (ab 11:30) - Innsbruck (an 15:39)
RJ 62 Budapest (ab 09:40) -  Vienna Hbf (ab 12:30) - Salzburg (an 14:52) - new between Budapest - Vienna
RJ 166 Vienna Hbf (ab 13:30) - Zurich (an 21:20)
RJ 168 Vienna Hbf (ab 15:30) - Zurich (an 23:20) - new between Feldkirch - Zurich
RJ 760 Vienna Hbf (ab 17:30) - Bregenz (an 00:10)

From Bregenz/Zurich - Innsbruck - Salzburg - Vienna - Budapest

RJ 161 Zurich (ab 06:40) - Vienna Hbf (an 14:30)
RJ 563 Innsbruck (ab 12:20) - Vienna Hbf (an 16:30)
RJ 165 Zurich (ab 10:40) - Vienna Hbf (ab 18:42) - Budapest (an 21:19)
RJ 663 Innsbruck (ab 19:05) - Vienna Hbf (an 23:30)

From Vienna Hbf. - Airport Vienna

RJ 665 Vienna Hbf (ab 15:39) - Airport Vienna (an 15:57)
RJ 960 Airport Vienna (ab 17:03) - Vienna Hbf (an 17:21)


How to get your bicycle ticket

You can book your bicycle ticket at the following points of sale up to 6 months in advance: at the ÖBB ticket shop,with the ÖBB customer service at +43 (0)5 1717 and at the ÖBB ticket counters.


Tip: how to save money when transporting bicycles

Disassembled and packed up bikes as well as folded down folding bikes can be transported free of charge as hand luggage. These items should be securely stored in designated compartments and luggage racks.