Due to extensive renovation work, the Western Railway line between Amstetten and St. Valentin will be partially closed from Monday, 2nd October to Saturday, 25th November. These infrastructure modernisation efforts mean that the Western line will remain fit for the future. This will ensure that you will continue to reach your destination safely and punctually in the future.

Long-distance transport

In the period between Monday, 2nd Oct 2017 and Sunday, 5th Nov 2017, the long-distance trains (Railjet, ICE, IC, Euronight/Nightjet) and the REX200 will be diverted via the “old” existing route. In detail, this means...

...long-distance transport to Salzburg

Railjets without scheduled stops in Amstetten and St. Valentin depart earlier from Budapest, Vienna International Airport, Vienna Central Station, Vienna Meidling and St. Pölten and depart on schedule from Linz. This means that trains will depart from e.g. Vienna Central Station in the direction of Salzburg 8 minutes earlier.

...long-distance transport to Vienna

Railjets without scheduled stops in Amstetten and St. Valentin depart on time from Salzburg and Linz and arrive later at St. Pölten, Vienna Meidling, Vienna Central Station, Vienna Airport and Budapest. In detail, this means: They will arrive in St. Pölten 9 minutes later, in Vienna Meidling and Vienna Central Station 15 minutes later and at Vienna Airport 17 minutes later.

All other ÖBB long-distance trains run according to schedule, but short delays are possible.

The REX200 trains depart and arrive at different times between Wien Westbahnhof and St. Pölten and between St. Pölten - Wien Westbahnhof.

Due to the timetable changes, we cannot guarantee that you will reach your connecting train. Please allow extra time when planning your journey and enquire about the current situation prior to departure. All scheduled changes have already been incorporated into the SCOTTY route planner.

Local transport

In the period between Monday, 2nd Oct 2017, and Saturday, 25th Nov 2017, we have set up a bus replacement service between Amstetten and St. Valentin for all local transport trains.


Route information
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We inform you!
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