Rail&Fly Austria makes it possible to directly book a flight including the journey by rail from anywhere in Austria to Vienna International Airport. According to the destination of departure /arrival that was chosen the flight ticket is issued from/to the stations as listed below.

Available destinations

Destination of departure or arrivalIATA-CodeStation on ticket
Vorarlberg and Principality of Liechtenstein XGZ Bregenz
Steiermark (and southern Burgenland) GGZ Graz Hbf
Tyrol (North) IOB Innsbruck Hbf
Carinthia (and Tyrol East) KGV Klagenfurt
Upper Austria LZS Linz Hbf
Salzburg (city and province) ZSB Salzburg Hbf
Lower Austria (and northern Burgenland) POK St. Pölten Hbf

The rail ticket (boarding pass) provided during check-in for the rail journey (see below) allows for a one-way journey from any railway station within the chosen destination of departure/arrival to/from Vienna International Airport (VIE) on ÖBB trains. This means, a train ticket issued to Salzburg Hbf is also valid to Zell am See, if this the final destination you chose for your journey in Austria.

Please note the following special features

  • The air and rail journey is booked through the sales channels of the participating airlines.
  • The booking terms and conditions of the issuing airline or the issuing travel agency apply.
  • A combination with ÖBB discounts (e.g. VORTEILSCARD) is not possible.
  • Booking changes / cancellations can only be carried out by the issuing airline or the issuing travel agency.
  • The travel-document for the train journey (boarding pass) is valid for two days (on the preceding day as well as the day of departure, or on the day of arrival and the following day) and allows for a one-way journey.
  • Check-in for the flight (for passengers and luggage), as well as security and customs checks are carried out exclusively at the airport. For this, please note the check-in times for your airline and make sure that you arrive at the airport in time. During rail-travel, all luggage is carried by and with the passenger. For luggage transport during the rail journey, luggage racks and compartments are available.

As is the case for air travel, a check-in is required for the outward / return journey by rail

  • Check-in is possible starting 72 hours prior to the departure of the booked train.
  • The check-in is done online (www.accesrail.com/checkin) or at the ÖBB travel centre (service fee of 3.50 euros per person, incl. seat reservation).
  • At check-in, the travel-document (boarding pass) for the rail journey is issued. Please print it out and show it to a train attendant together with a photo identification card. It is not necessary to provide an airline ticket. Booking confirmations and the like cannot be accepted as tickets on the train.