Sit back and relax as you glide past the traffic jams: travelling by ÖBB Nightjet trains, you and your car or motorcycle can reach your destination overnight. Once you have arrived fully relaxed, you simply get in your car or on your motorcycle and continue to wherever you wish to go.


Remember to also book tickets for the persons travelling
In addition to a ticket for your vehicle, you will also need tickets for the persons travelling along on the ÖBB Nightjet. Cheap travelling with the Sparschiene, family compartment, our great  child discount or our group ticket. Further information on fares and offers.

Safe transport for your motorcycle
Get comfortable on the ÖBB night train, while your motorcycle travels along, safe and sound. You park it by the transport carriage at the train station, and the loading team makes sure that it is properly secured. A new tie-down system ensures utmost loading and transport safety. Motorcycles with windshields are fastened by additional means.