It is important to us that as a passenger on ÖBB trains, you feel as comfortable as possible. That is why we offer you special zones depending on your individual needs - from ladies' compartments over toddler and breast-feeding compartments to quiet zones.

ÖBB children's cinema: entertainment for our youngest passengers

Boring train rides are a thing of the past: on the ÖBB Railjet, we offer our youngest passengers a children's cinema with ample space for them to sit and watch. Up to 6 children can enjoy undisturbed fun cartoons and children's movies. The two adjacent compartments can be reserved by accompanying persons, ensuring that the grown-ups get to relax as well.
Children's cinemas area available in all ÖBB railjets.

Ladies’ compartment: Safe travelling at all times

For female passengers travelling alone, we have established a special ladies' compartment on the ÖBB Eurocity, the ÖBB Intercity, as well as on certain evening trains. The 6 seats can be reserved up to 3 months in advance. The same applies to the ladies' couchette compartments on ÖBB night trains.

Toddler compartment: Families among themselves

We offer special compartments for small children on ÖBB Eurocity, Intercity and Intercity-Express trains. The 6 seats are reserved exclusively for families and can be reserved for any route. Here, the children have room to play, while the parents get a chance to lean back and relax.

Rest area: Relax while travelling on the train

If you want to be as undisturbed as possible during your trip, you can withdraw to the quiet zones which are marked accordingly on certain trains. These seats are located in the open 2nd class cars and can also be reserved.

Breast-feeding compartment: Privacy for mothers and babies

On the ÖBB Eurocity, Intercity and Intercity-Express, breast-feeding mothers will find a special breast-feeding compartment. Curtains block the view, ensuring the required degree of privacy. During a trip, mothers and their babies can withdraw to the breast-feeding compartment at any time. These seats cannot be reserved.


How to find your special compartment
If you access the rail schedule's detailed view, you can see which trains offer the special compartments and areas mentioned above.