Travel and "railax": with the ÖBB Euronight (EN), passengers reach their destination comfortably overnight. They save time and hotel costs, and the train team takes care of them around the clock.


The night train is equipped with regular seats, couchettes and sleeper cabins. Washing and toilet facilities are located in the wagons. The sleeper cabins include washing facilities, deluxe compartments also have their own bathroom with a shower and a toilet.


The ÖBB Euronight trains operate in Austria, as well as to destinations in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Further destinations are offered in cooperation with partnering railway operators.

Facts on the Euronight

  • Maximum speed: 200 km/h
  • Number of seats: depends on the number of cars
  • Comfort categories: seated car 2nd class, couchette, sleeper cabin
  • On-board restaurant: No (snacks and beverages available from the train team against a fee)
  • Barrier-free: On the routes "Vienna - Hamburg", "Vienna - Düsseldorf", "Vienna - Zurich" and "Vienna - Bregenz" (currently in preparation for the remaining routes)

Travel categories and equipment

Travelling economically on a seat, simply spending the night on a couchette or enjoying the comfort of a sleeper cabin: on the ÖBB night train, you have the choice between 3 travel categories.


Travelling in a seated carriage is the most economical travel option on an ÖBB night train. Each 2nd class compartment has 6 seats. Toilets and washrooms are located in the wagons.


The couchette compartments are equipped with 4 or 6 berths. They are suitable for groups, families or price-conscious individual travellers. Each berth is equipped with a blanket, a sheet, and a fresh pillow for you. Toilets and washrooms are located in the wagons.

For women travelling alone, we offer ladies' compartments on some Euronight trains. Please book these four days prior to departure at the latest. In addition to this, family compartments for up to 2 adults with up to 4 children (up to the age of 14) can be booked exclusively.

What is included in the ticket price

  • In the evening: mineral water
  • In the morning: wake-up service and a small breakfast

Additional beverages and snacks can be purchased from the train team against payment of a small fee.

Sleeper cabin

For the sleeper cabin on the ÖBB Euronight, you can chose among the following types of compartments (depending on the route): 1 bed (single), 2 beds (double) or 3 beds. Your sleeping berth is equipped with a mattress and made up with fresh linen. Each compartment includes washing facilities with towels and toiletries (including soap, house shoes and ear plugs). The deluxe compartments also include a separate bathroom with a sink, a shower and a toilet.

What is included in the ticket price

  • In the evening: welcome package (aperitif, snacks and mineral water) and toiletries
  • In the morning: wake-up service and a hearty breakfast (of your choice - see breakfast offering) with free refills of hot beverages.

You can choose additional beverages and snacks from the food and drinks menu, which is provided in your compartment. The train team will be glad to serve you in your compartment against a small surcharge.