You can simply purchase your ticket at an ÖBB ticket vending machine prior to your journey. For this, approximately 1,000 machines are located at train stations throughout Austria. Mobile devices are provided on trains marked accordingly. Apart from being able to purchase your ticket very quickly, you also benefit from a self-booking bonus for Vorteilstickets.

These tickets are available at ÖBB ticket vending machines

At our ticket vending machines, you can purchase tickets for ÖBB as well as many Austrian private railways. With the information you enter, you select the tariff offer yourself. At the machines, the same discounts apply as for the ÖBB ticket shop(including group discounts). Regional fares are also taken into account. It is furthermore possible to purchase tickets ahead of time.

How to pick up tickets ordered previously

You can order your tickets and reservations from the ÖBB customer service at +43 (0)5 1717 and then pick them up at an ÖBB ticket vending machine. This pick-up service is available for all tickets which can be purchased by telephone - including international tickets and reservations.

Do you have any further questions?

For questions or complaints, you can reach the ÖBB customer service anytime at +43 (0)5 1717. Local rates apply from anywhere in Austria. A four-digit machine number is posted on each ticket vending machine, on the right-hand side in the middle, immediately below the slot for inserting banknotes. In the event of a query, please provide this number.

The types of payment

At the ÖBB ticket vending machines, you can pay cash, with an ATM card (Maestro) or by credit card (VISA, Diners Club, MasterCard, American Express and JCB).

The machine takes 10 , 20  and 50 cent coins, as well as 1 and 2 euro coins. You can also pay with 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 euro banknotes.

For non-cash payments, a receipt will be printed in addition to your ticket.

The machine can only give change in coins. Because of this, minimum amounts apply to cash payments with banknotes: 20 euro banknotes can be used for amounts above 11 euros, 50 euro banknotes above 41 euros and 100 euro banknotes above 91 euros. The permissible banknotes are displayed according to the invoice amount.

Using the ticket vending machines

The ÖBB ticket vending machines can be used in 9 different languages. Please select between German, English, French, Italian, Croatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Czech and Hungarian.

How to operate the machines

  • ÖBB ticket vending machines are equipped with a touchscreen surface. Simply touch the light (yellow) fields on the surface and enter your destination, as well as your departure station, if necessary. The machine will guide you to your desired ticket.
  • Fields highlighted in white show preselections or specifications which speed up the purchase process. You can change any preselection at any time by touching the yellow fields.
  • With the "Step back" button (orange), you can undo the last entry. If you want to cancel the purchase process, simply touch the field "Restart" (dark red). This deletes all entries.
  • If certain products are not available or if certain specifications are not possible, you will receive an according on-screen notification. Once you have read it, press the "OK" field (blue).
  • By touching the green field, you confirm all entries on a screen bar.
  • If you wish to pay by ATM card (Maestro card), you will be asked to enter your PIN code. Follow the instructions on the display on the right-hand side next to the keypad.
  • You will receive your tickets as well as your change through the ticket tray on the bottom left-hand side. For all non-cash payments, a payment receipt will automatically be printed, as well.
  • Please remove the tickets and any change you may have received, and check them immediately.