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Booking Nightjet

  • Do I need a special seat reservation for a trip on the Nightjet?

    Comfort tickets automatically include a seat reservation. This allows you to choose your preferred seat already when you book, so that you can enjoy your trip free from any stress.

  • Are there discounts for persons with limited mobility?

    All offerings (e.g. Sparschiene) are also available to this group of customers.

  • Are there group rates? And how can I book them?

    Yes, there are. Further information is available at

  • As a woman, I'd like to travel in a ladies' compartment. Is this possible?

    Yes, there are seperate ladies' compartments. These are available in the couchette travel category. Price, equipment and service are equal to the standard couchette compartments. Please book these berths at least 4 days prior to your departure at any ticket counter or via the ÖBB Customer Service at 0043 5 1717. As an alternative, you can also book a bed in a sleeper car.

  • Can I buy tickets on the train?

    We recommend you to buy the tickets prior to your journey (e.g. online ticket or app), so that you can take your booked place free from stress. Furthermore, reservations are required for all Nightjet trains in Germany and Italy. If there is no other way, you can also buy standard tickets on the train. In this case, an on-board surcharge applies.

  • What is a Sparschiene ticket?

    Information on Sparschiene tickets, which offer a particularly low rate.

  • What is included in the ticket price?

    The services included depend on the ticket you have booked:

    Seating carriage: Seat reservation

    Couchette: requested couchette in compartment, mineral water in the evening, breakfast in the morning

    Sleeper car: requested bed in compartment, mineral water, sweets, aperitif and daily newspaper in the evening, à la carte breakfast in the morning; toiletries, free access to the ÖBB Lounges.

  • What can I do if no available trips are displayed in the ticket shop?

    For questions regarding your booking, please contact the ÖBB customer service by telephone at 0043 5 1717.

  • What discounts are available for Nightjet tickets?

    Further information on rates and special offers can be found at Nightjet-tariffs and offers.

  • What offering is there for persons with limited mobility?

    On many routes, passengers with limited mobility can make use of a coach with wheelchair-accessible couchette compartment and adjacent sanitary facilities. This couchette compartment provides room for one passenger with a wheelchair and one accompanying person.

    Further information on this can be found at - Couchette coach with wheelchair compartment.

  • Whom can I contact for problems with my booking?

    For questions regarding your booking, please contact the ÖBB customer service by telephone at 0043 5 1717.

  • Where can I buy Nightjet tickets?

    etailed information is available at the Nightjet booking information.

  • How far in advance can I book tickets for the Nightjet?

    Ticket sales generally start 180 days prior to departure. Travelling dates after the annual timetable change in mid-December may, however, be subject to
    shorter booking periods.

  • How do I change or cancel my booking?

    This depends on the type of ticket you have:Sparschiene tickets are particularly economical. However, they cannot be refunded or exchanged.
    Comfort tickets can be cancelled. Further information is available at - Cancellation policy.