Hop aboard a train and get off in the middle of the "Arctic". Visit the new polar bear world "Franz Josef Land" at the Schönbrunn Zoo. Watch through a huge glass panel as the polar bears swim underwater. More than 700 species, some of which are endangered, await you at Europe's best zoo. Visit the rare Giant Pandas, discover tropical rain forests, and enjoy fascinating insights into the dazzling underwater world.

Included services:

  • Admission to the Schönbrunn Zoo

Destination station: Vienna


  • The many varied cafés and restaurants offer culinary delights in an unrivalled atmosphere.

Price overview

from 01.04.16 - 31.12.16ÖBB Plus-offerLocal prices
Adults € 14.80 € 18.50
Children 6<19 years € 7.20 € 9.-

Children up to the age of 6 are free



You travel as planned, and on either the same day or one of the two following days, you simply exchange the voucher directly at the touristic attraction.