No day like any other.

How nice it would be to just hear the soft trickle of water. With nothing to do. Just resting there. Keeping calm and quiet - a moment purely for yourself. And simple tranquillity. Is such a thing still to be found?

At Therme Laa - Hotel and Spa, you can relax and recharge your batteries in the new SILENT SPA

In today’s world, time and tranquillity are amongst the most valuable commodities. We seek out peace and quiet in special places, which allow us to forget our daily routine for a while. The SILENT SPA is just such a place - in the Weinviertel at the Therme Laa, a member of the VAMED Vitality World group! From 3 December 2016, this oasis of tranquillity will be added to the existing spa and hotel complex, as an independent spa area.

The SILENT SPA is ...

...a place to find tranquillity - where a single day becomes a holiday!

By booking over the Internet, guests can reserve their own lounger in advance and plan their premium day of holiday. An individual service is provided at the SILENT SPA including personal welcome, a suitable bathrobe, fresh bath towels as required, various little extras, a diverse range of massages and cosmetics, as well as easy booking and ordering using on-site tablets: And sufficient space to enjoy it. As only when you are actually immersed in it, can you escape your daily routine and really relax...

The SILENT SPA and the art of setting the stage

The SILENT SPA owes its unmistakable ambience not just to its unique architecture. It is also due to the many, almost invisible "details" and "visual aspects", that create an overall experience and first allow you to experience and then understand water and tranquillity. This includes the arrangement of lighting, the accessories, the use of specially created fragrances in the sauna, the exclusive materials and high-quality equipment of the SILENT SPA.

The architecture creates space for tranquillity 

The contemporary spa concept, which combines spatial design with the use of sophisticated materials and harmonious staging, enriches the existing Therme Laa - Hotel & Silent Spa, with this special place of tranquillity!

Included services:

  • Entrance to the Therme Laa SILENT SPA (in- and outdoor pools, sauna world, relaxation rooms)
  • Use of the SILENT SPA (limited to 160 persons)
  • Reserved lying chair (including personal safe)
  • A bathing bag with bathing towels and bathing suit to be borrowed
  • Bathing shoes as a present
  • Towels to be borrowed
  • Tablet (entertainment, online booking, online magazines and newspapers)
  • Sauna and movement ceremonies
  • Lying chair Service
  • Sonnentor tea bar, water bar with fruits, nuts and cores
  • Afternoon cake from 2.00 – 4.30 pm
  • Library (magazines, books, newspapers)
  • Shampoo, Body lotion, hand crème in wardrobes and showers
  • Backgammon, chess and other board games
  • Use of the public thermal baths and the sauna landscape

Destination station: Laa/Thaya

Price overview

from 01.01.17 - 31.12.17 ÖBB Plus-offer Local prices
Adults € 85,50 € 95,-

Children up to the age of 16 are nor allowed!

Reservation required:
+43 (0)2522/84 700 770 oder