The Schallaburg - an ensemble of castle grounds, exhibitions, gardens, nature and culinary delights.

An exhibition centre. A meeting place. Annually changing exhibitions in an international context - with a finger on society’s pulse and relevance to present day. Located at the heart of Europe, the Schallaburg offers new perspectives on the rapidly changing world: from jubilation and misery to the Vikings, from the 70s to Islam.  Urgent contemporary questions are raised, answers are sought out.

ISLAM - How do encounters between cultures and religions happen? How do we handle diversity? The exhibition focuses on Muslim cultures in Austria.

Today’s areas of encounter serve as the starting point: based on familiar situations from daily life, current questions, historical developments and different perspectives are brought into focus. They invite you to participate in a deeper form of cultural encounter.

Included services:

  • Admission to the Schallaburg
  • WL1 Bus Melk-Schallaburg and back

Destination station: Melk

Price overview

from 18.03.17 - 05.11.17 ÖBB Plus-offer Local prices
Adults € 13,- € 15,60
Children 6<18 years € 5,- € 5,70

Children up to the age of 6 are free.