In May of 1816, the Kingdom of Bavaria ceded Salzburg to the House of Habsburg. With this, the state became a part of Austria. The Salzburg Museum shows the eventful history of Salzburg in a 1,500 m² exhibition hosted at the New Residence. Three special exhibitions focus on the last 200 years of Salzburg's history, while also taking you back even further into the past. The exhibitions titled "Schatzkammer Salzburg" (Treasure Chamber Salzburg), "Erzählt mir Salzburg" (Tell me about Salzburg) and "Am Schauplatz" (On the Scene) offer exciting insights into the state, its many transitions, and the Salzburg history of art and culture. They combine historic art treasures from the Salzburg Museum, such as paintings, photos, decorative and archaeological artefacts, sculptures, etc. with valuable international exhibits on loan and works by contemporary artists.

Included services:

  • Admission to the Salzburg Regional Exhibition 2016

Destination station: Salzburg

Price overview

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Adults € 6.80 € 8.50
Children 6<15 years € 2.40 € 3.-

Admission to the Salzburg Museum Neue Residenz



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