The S-Bahn is your comfortable, stress-free and also quick option for getting around Vienna and its surroundings.

Main S-Bahn route Vienna Meidling to Vienna Floridsdorf (S1, S2, S3)
The route section between Vienna Meidling and Vienna Floridsdorf, which offers an S-Bahn connection that is equivalent to any subway connection, is referred to as the "Main Route". Three different lines (S1, S2, S3) which operate on the Main Route and stop at all stations between Meidling and Floridsdorf offer very short intervals and therefore guarantee short waiting times for passengers. During rush hours, the trains in this section operate at 3-minute intervals.

From 13 December 2015 onwards, several new line routes and shorter intervals ensure an even better offering by the Vienna S-Bahn. Beginning with the introduction of the new timetable, the S1, for example, will be running between Gänserndorf and Meidling - and not only to Mödling, as has been the case so far - at half-hour intervals. The S2 will also be operating at half-hour intervals between Wolkersdorf and Mödling (depending on demand even from Mistelbach or Schleinbach).

  • S7 - Half-hour intervals between Mistelbach and the airport: The S7 will operate at hourly intervals between Mistelbach and Vienna Airport or between Wolkersdorf and Wolfsthal. This creates an exact half-hour interval between Wolkersdorf and Vienna Airport.
  • S4 - Extension of the S3 to Absdorf and Tullnerfeld: The new line S4, which operates in the route section Stockerau - Absdorf-Hippersdorf - Tulln Stadt - Tullnerfeld, connects the Nordwestbahn (northwest railway) and the Franz-Josefs-Bahn with the new high-performance line through the Tullnerfeld. This creates new connections to/from Vienna West Station, Vienna Central Station, as well as to/from St. Pölten Central Station (REX200, ÖBB IC trains).
  • S50: Beginning with the introduction of the new timetable, the S50 will be connecting Vienna West station with Tullnerbach-Pressbaum at half-hourly intervals. Every other train runs to Neulengbach. Together with the trains of the new S80, which during rush hours also operate on this route section, this creates almost quarter-hourly intervals between Vienna Hütteldorf and Unter Purkersdorf.
  • S80: With its new route, the S80 now – for the first time ever – creates a quick and direct West-East connection within Vienna, offering connections to all of the city's subway lines. In Hütteldorf, new connections are now available to the local and regional trains on the Western Route, as well as to the S45. With the full re-opening of Vienna Central Station, the Matzleinsdorfer Platz station, which is so important for local public transport, is now also included as a stop.
  • The S60 will run from Bruck/Leitha via Vienna Central Station and Vienna Meidling to the Pottendorfer Line via Ebenfurth to Wiener Neustadt.

ÖBB operates 10 S-Bahn lines in Vienna

Line S1

Line S2

Line S3

Line S4

Line S7 - Airport connection

Line S40

Line S45 - The suburb line

  • Wien Hütteldorf - Wien Heiligenstadt - Wien Handelskai
    During rush hours, the S45 runs between Vienna Hütteldorf and Vienna Handelskai at 10-minute intervals. This makes the suburb line the ideal option for local transport for the districts 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20, offering optimal connections to the Western Route, the S-Bahn Main Route, the Franz-Josefs-Bahn and the Wiener Linien. At four out of ten stations, S45 allows you to switch to a subway - U3 (Ottakring), U4 (Hütteldorf, Heiligenstadt) and U6 (Handelskai) - thereby allowing you to move around the city much faster.
  • Timetable Wien Hütteldorf - Wien Handelskai

Line S50

Line S60

Line S80


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Quick Facts

  • S-Bahn Vienna/Lower Austria/Burgenland: since: 1962
  • ÖBB-Lines: 9
  • Customers using ÖBB-S-Bahn-trains: approx. 240.000/day