All aboard! Enjoy our regular intervals!

On 11 December, Upper Austria will enter into a new railway era. From this day onwards, 5 lines will allow passengers from all four directions to travel to and from Linz at intervals of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour.

The S-Bahn ensures quick and easy commutes between the city and the surrounding countryside. The modern S-Bahn trains connect the regions of Steyr, Wels, Kirchdorf, Pregarten and Eferding with Linz Central Station.

Overview of all the routes:

  • S 1 Linz Central Station - Garsten
  • S 2 Linz Central Station - Wels Central Station
  • S 3 Linz Central Station - Pregarten
  • S 3 Linz Central Station - Kirchdorf a. d. Krems
  • S 5 Linz Central Station - Eferding