The central theme of the Upper Austrian Regional Exhibition 2016 is the 4000-year history of man and horse. From 28 April through 6 November 2016, Stadl-Paura and the St. Lambrecht monastery offer exciting insights into horse breeding, the use of the animals in agriculture and industry, and horses in art and religious cult.

The part of the exhibition located at the Stadl-Paura Centre of Competence for Equestrian Sports shows the use of horses as war and working animals. Stables, outdoor pastures, blacksmiths, the race track and the riding hall offer visitors a unique opportunity to observe these fascinating animals in their daily life.

St. Lambrecht monastery with its stately ambience shows the veneration of horses in art and religious worship. The bible, for example, features both saints who - riding on horseback - do good deeds and of course the horsemen of the apocalypse who on their horses bring nothing but death and destruction.

Apart from the two main exhibitions at St. Lambrecht monastery and the equestrian sports centre, an impressive multimedia installation on the subject of horses awaits the visitors at the historic stable.

Included services:

  • Admission to the Upper Austrian Regional Exhibition 2016 in Stadl-Paura and St. Lambrecht monastrey

Destination station: Lambach-Markt, Stadl Paura

Price overview

from 28.04.16 - 06.11.16ÖBB Plus-offerLocal price
Adults € 4.- € 6.-

Tickets for children are not offered.



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