Good news for all festival goers. This year, ÖBB is once again going on a festival tour across Austria. ÖBB's RAILAXED BASE & AREA offers the perfect location for festival goers to chill and maybe even win some prizes. With the new ÖBB App on your smart phone, you get exclusive access for you and a second person of your choice.

ÖBB festival train schedule throughout the summer 
Festival Date ÖBB summer performance
Genuss Festival 6 to 8 May ÖBB RAILAXED Area
Nova Rock 9 to 12 June ÖBB RAILAXED Area
Donauinselfest 24 to 26 June ÖBB/Kronehit Party Stage
World Bodypainting Festival 1 to 3 July ÖBB RAILAXED Area
Electric Love Festival 6 to 9 July ÖBB RAILAXED Base + RAILAXED Village
Lake Festival 28 to 30 July ÖBB RAILAXED Base
Frequency 18 to 20 August ÖBB RAILAXED Base

What is being offered and where?

  • ÖBB's RAILAXED Area is a chill-out area that offers deck chairs, water gadgets and good music. No stress allowed. Relax and grab yourself some great ÖBB RAILAXED Goodies.
    ÖBB's RAILAXED Base is all about good service and the best music. Live at the turn tables are Mark Neo, Dominik Lang, Bettina Striegl, AlternativKlang, Cab Canavaral, Mexx Headroom and daPlaque. In addition to the offers in the ÖBB RAILAXED Area, ÖBB's RAILAXED Area also provides a chill-out terrace, lockers, free bodypainting by APPLEPIE AGENCY an Xbox gaming zone, and its own toilet containers (depending on event). Visitors can also easily book ÖBB offers - you can extend an expired ÖBB VORTEILScard to save even more on the journey home or reserve your favourite seats.
  • ÖBB/KRONEHIT Party Island & Party Stage
    The ÖBB/KRONEHIT Party Island and its stage with the same name will once again live up to its name this year. Here, it's all about chilling and “railaxing” - stressed people are not allowed when the party really takes off in the evening. The ÖBB/KRONEHIT Party Stage is located between the bridges Brigittenauerbrücke and Reichsbrücke. Stop by, you won't regret it!

How can I get in?

Simply download the new ÖBB App beforehand and present it on location and you and one of your friends can start chilling. Alternatively, you can download the ÖBB App directly on location or register you at the ÖBB customer account and get yourself an incentive.


Intelligent travelling with the new ÖBB App.

Using the new ÖBB App, purchasing tickets is now even faster and easier. Intelligent: The system learns from your behaviour and adjusts to your routines. Matching the selected offers, you will receive your most important information in a clearly structured and individual fashion. ÖBB tickets as well as tickets of the transport association partners can be booked in a single purchase process, using just a few clicks. Have you typed too quickly and made a mistake? Every purchase can be cancelled up to 3 minutes after the booking was made. This also works for bookings which normally cannot be cancelled, such as Sparschiene tickets.