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Dreamy travels at reasonable prices

Using ÖBB Nightjet, the night train from the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB, you can comfortably travel to many destinations in Europe.

Travelling through the night, our sleepers, couchette coaches and day coaches allow you to pass the night with sweet dreams. The next morning, you will arrive fully recuperated and relaxed at your destination - directly in the centre.

Certain connections even allow you to take along your car or motorcycle on the train.

A trip with the ÖBB Nightjet is the perfect and relaxed alternative to air travel and road trips. It enables you to travel while you sleep, suitable for everyone who values arriving well-rested - directly in a city‘s centre. ÖBB Nightjet also offers the reasonably-priced Sparschiene tickets, available via ÖBB’s online ticket shop or the ÖBB App. Furthermore, you can find all booking information for Nightjet tickets here.

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The new Nightjet design

The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) believe in the future of night trains and therefore created a suitable and attractive offer - the ÖBB Nightjet. In order to broaden the offer, DB couchette coaches were acquired, which will be re-branded in the official Nightjet design.

The ÖBB will furthermore modernize its own Nightjet fleet and is already working on the next generation of Nightjets, which will be hitting the tracks from 2020 onwards. This process obviously needs some time, as all trains are constantly and consistently transporting our passengers through Europe. Therefore it will take us a few months until the entire Nightjet fleet will be on the move in the new (dark blue) Nightjet design.