ÖBB travel portal: Bicycle station at the station Graz

Bicycle station at the station Graz

The bicycle station situated directly at the platform 1a of Graz Hauptbahnhof is a first-rate service offer of ÖBB for commuters. With its unique, double-storey construction, it provides weather-proof parking facilities for up to 275 bicycles.

The daily opening hours from 05:00 to 24:00 are perfect for all those who use their bike and the train as combined means of transport. Thus, the bicycle station offers an interesting alternative to the car. And speaking about safety and service: the bicycle station is optimally protected with video surveillance and chip card.

Your bike may make you sweat, but the prices of the bicycle station certainly won’t. In addition to the day ticket for 1,- Euro, ÖBB offers monthly tickets for 7,- Euro and yearly tickets for 70,- Euro. Regular customers get a chip or magnet card for unrestricted access. Season tickets are available from the "Reisezentrum" at Graz Hauptbahnhof, daily tickets can by purchased directly from the ticket vending machine at the bicycle station.

In the self-service area accessible to the public, where a bicycle inner-tube vending machine as well as compressed air and tools are available, you can carry out minor repairs by yourself. The bicycle station also offers a bicycle rental service as well lockers for day and long-term use.

The bicycle station at a glance

  • Opening hours: daily 05:00 - 24:00 for day tickets, 00:00 to 24:00 for season tickets
  • Capacity: 275 bicycles
  • Location: Graz Hauptbahnhof with direct access to Europaplatz and the platforms
  • Safety & service: Video surveillance, chip card as well as self-service area
Price examples
Offer Price
Day ticket 1.00 Euro
Monthly ticket 7.00 Euro
Yearly ticket 70.00 Euro