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EURegio Czech Republic

Be it for a day trip or a journey lasting several days – the EURegio ticket for the Czech Republic brings you to destinations near the border in our neighbouring country to the north – cheaply and guaranteed without traffic jams.

Southern Moravia 

For trips to Znojmo (Znaim) and the Southern Moravian Thaya Valley, you have the choice between two EURegio ticket variants - to Znojmo or to Mikulov (Nikolsburg). Both on the outward journey and on the return journey, the EURegio ticket Vienna - Mikulov is valid via either Retz/Znojmo and/or Hohenau/Břeclav, allowing you to discover further interesting places such as Valtice in the Moravian Thaya (Dyje).

Discover the Southern Moravian Thaya Valley on special day tours offered by the REMO Agency’s experienced tour guides. Guided tours for individual travellers in german only, for groups in english. ÖBB EURegio customers will receive a discount.

Advance reservation and further information at www.remo-agency.at (day tours); or at Tel: +43 (0)650 831 8176 or +420 737 449 099; E-Mail: info@remo-agency.at

Southern Bohemia

České Budĕjovice (Budweis), the cradle of the art of bohemian beer brewing, can be reached by changing trains only once in České Velenice.

To Český Krumlov (Krumau)
Catch the train towards Český Krumlov / Černý Kŕíž in České Budĕjovice, and you will find yourself in the pearl of the Bohemian Forrest: Český Krumlov (Krumau) with its historical city centre, which 20 years ago was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. It is not just because of this anniversary that this destination offers something for everybody:

  • Countless concerts, music festivals, theatre performances, including on the legendary open air stage with revolving auditorium
  • Museums, such as the Egon Schiele Art Centrum, the MuseumFotoatelier Seidl or the Castle Museum, which was re-opened in 2011
  • Coffee houses overlooking the castle above the Vltava River’s bend.


Prices for the outward and return journey in Euro:
Connection Adults Children 6-14 yrs.
Vienna - Znojmo (Znaim) 20,- 10,-
Vienna - Mikulov (Nikolsburg) 23,- 11,50
Vienna - České Budějovice (Budweis) 34,- 17,-
Vienna - Český Krumlov (Krumau) 35,- 17,50
Eggenburg - Český Krumlov (Krumau) 20,- 10,-
Retz - Znojmo (Znaim) 5,- 2,50
Gmünd - Českě Velenice 2,- 1,-
Monthly ticket in Euro:
Connection Price
Vienna - Znojmo 133,-
Retz - Znojmo 49,-

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