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One goal - infinite possibilities to get out and about - i.e. Einfach raus!

Once in a while, forget about your everyday life and enjoy a beautiful day with ÖBB’s Einfach-Raus Ticket. Decide on a spontaneous trip to enjoy nature, one of these popular "surprise visits" to relatives or a relaxing short trip. The sky is the limit for your imagination.

All arguments are in favour for an Einfach-Raus Ticket!

  • Group ticket for two to five people (independent of age).
  • Valid in Austria on ÖBB’s suburban and regional service trains as well as on the Raaberbahn (R, REX and S-Bahn trains).
  • Valid on the selected day:
    Monday to Friday 09:00 to 03:00 on the following day.
    Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays the whole day until 03:00 on the following day.
  • Price: 36,- Euro

The Einfach-Raus-Ticket is available as Online-Ticket, at the ticket vending machine and at the Bahnhof in the City.

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