ÖBB travel portal: Overnight trains

Overnight trains

Travel categories and services on the ÖBB EuroNight.

Sleeper car

The following types of compartments can be booked, depending on the respective connection:

  • Single compartment (1 bed)
  • Double compartment (2 beds)
  • Touriste3 compartment (3 beds)

At your request, the seats are converted into comfortable beds (mattress, sheets). In each compartment there is a small washbasin with towels and toiletries. The deluxe compartments additionally have their own bathroom with washbasin, shower and toilet (e.g. soap, slippers, earplugs).

Included in the fare are:

  • In the evening: mineral water, sweets, aperitif, daily newspaper
  • In the morning: wake-up service, large breakfast (put together according to your choices - see also "breakfast offerings" under Downloads/Links) and free refill for hot beverages.

You can choose additional beverages and snacks from the new food and drinks menu, which is made available in every compartment. We will be glad to serve these at your seat for a small fee.

Couchette car

The compartments are equipped with 4 or 6 couches and are ideal for groups, families or price-conscious individual travellers. There is no separation by sex, however, female-only compartments may also be booked. Each couch has a blanket, a sheet as well as a pillow with a fresh cover. Lavatories and toilets are available in each car.

Included in the fare:

  • In the evening: mineral water
  • In the morning: wake-up service, breakfast

Additional beverages and snacks are sold by the Serviceteam.

Seated car

The seated car is the cheapest travel class on the ÖBB Overnight Train. One compartment offers 6 seats in the 2nd class. Lavatories and toilets are available in each car.