ÖBB travel portal: Ticket vending machine

Ticket vending machine

Currently, ÖBB is operating just under 1,000 stationary ticket vending machines in stations as well as mobile machines in especially marked multiple-unit sets for you. They are user friendly and even offer you savings for certain offers.

Tickets for all of Austria and International, also in advance sales

You can get your tickets including reductions for offers of ÖBB and private railways within Austria for the currently applicable tariff offer. The selection of the tariff offer (including group reductions) is made automatically based on the information you enter. From 12/14/2014 on, you can also buy international tickets. Naturally, Transport Association tariffs are taken into consideration and you can also purchase your tickets in advance.

Collection of ordered tickets

One call is all it takes to order your ticket! You can conveniently collect your national and international tickets as well as seat reservations ordered through the ÖBB Customer Service (05-1717) from the ticket vending machine. You can get detailed information on the procedure from the ÖBB Customer Service (05-1717) or on the site Collection of CallCenter tickets.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding ticket vending machines, do not hesitate to contact the ÖBB Customer Service (05-1717) from all over Austria at your local tariff.
Every ticket vending machine has its own four-digit machine number displayed on the right side in its centre beneath the point where banknotes are fed in; please state this number when making any complaints.

Payment modes

The ticket vending machine is not choosy. You can simply pay cash with the following Euro and Cent coins:

  • 2 Euro coin
  • 1 Euro coin
  • 50 Cent coin
  • 20 Cent coin
  • 10 Cent coin

Or you can use the Euro banknotes:

  • 100,- Euro (for purchases starting from 91,- Euro)
  • 50,- Euro (starting from 41,- Euro)
  • 20,- Euro (starting from 11,- Euro)
  • 10,- Euro
  • 5,- Euro

ÖBB ticket vending machines also accept cashless payment means such as:

  • Credit cards (VISA, DINERS CLUB, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS and JCB)
  • Maestro card (ATM card)

Please note that the machine can only give change in coins. Therefore, the minimum amounts mentioned above in brackets must be taken into account when paying cash with banknotes. The admissible banknotes are displayed according to the amount to be paid. For cashless payments, you will get a printed payment receipt in addition to your ticket.


Multilanguage user interface

ÖBB’s ticket vending machines have a knack for languages. The languages you can select from are German, English, French, Italian, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian.

Operation of the new ticket vending machines

  • The ticket vending machines are touch screen operated

i.e. by touching the screen.

  • Touch the light (yellow) keys/fields on the surface and enter your destination and, if necessary, your departure station. The ticket vending machine guides you to the required ticket according to your selection.
  • Fields with a white background are pre-selections or entries you made that accelerate the purchase procedure. You can, however, change these pre-selections by touching the yellow fields.
  • You can cancel the payment procedure at any time by touching the field “Neustart [Restart]” (dark red). This will delete all previously made entries.
  • Touching the field “Schritt zurück [One step back]" (orange) will delete only the last entry you made.
  • If some products or information you selected are not available or possible for technical or tariff reasons, you will be informed accordingly by an on-screen message. After having read this message, touch the OK field (blue) on the screen.
  • Touching the green field will confirm all entries in a screen bar.
  • When paying with your ATM card (Maestro card), you will be prompted to enter your PIN code. Follow the instructions on the right side of the display on the keyboard.
  • Remove your tickets and change from the ticket tray at the bottom left. For cashless payments you will automatically get a payment receipt in addition to your tickets.
  • Please remove the tickets and change, if any, and immediately check both.

Instruction for ticket vending machines

Interested in instructions regarding ticket vending machines?