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ÖBB Customer Service

You can reach the Customer Service 24x7 by telephone on +43 (0)5-1717, by e-mail via our contact form or by mail to ÖBB Customer Service, Postfach 222, 1020 Wien.
In order to process your written requests quicker, please specify the subject of your enquiry (e.g. VORTEILSCARD, passenger rights or additional claims on fares).

You will receive competent advice and information on the following subjects:

The ÖBB Customer Service will be glad to help you with any questions you may have.

Introduction of menu

Welcome to the ÖBB Customer Service!

  • Ext. 0: Emergency hotline, is switched on if necessary (text customized)
  • Ext. 1: For information on our rail and bus service, please press "One".
  • Ext. 2: If you need any other information, for example on your customer card or on group travel, please press "Two".
    • Ext. 2-1: If you have questions regarding your customer card, please press " One".
    • Ext. 2-2: If you have questions regarding group travel for groups of ten persons or more, please press "Two".
    • Ext. 2-3: If you have questions regarding your online or mobile ticket, please press "Three".
    • Ext. 2-4: For information on passenger rights, please press "Four".
    • Ext. 2-5: Questions regarding our ticket vending machines are answered under "Five".
  • Ext. 3: If you would like to purchase an ÖBB ticket, please press "Three".
  • Ext. 4: If you want to provide us with feedback on our service, please press "Four".
  • Ext. 5: Enquiries and bookings for passengers with limited mobility are gladly received under "Five".

Your contact

ÖBB Customer Service
One number for all matters relevant for customers. The ÖBB customer service is at your disposal around the clock, seven days a week.
Tel.: +43 (0)5-1717 (0 - 24)

Mail contact:
(please remember to state your reference!)
Postfach 222
A-1020 Wien


We are looking forward to your feedback! You help us to further optimise our service.

You can send us your written feedback by mail (ÖBB-Kundenservice, Postfach 222, 1020 Wien, Re.: feedback) or directly via our online contact form.